Fashion Hong Kong

So the Copenhagen Fashion Week is over. It was so amazing to attend all the shows, feel special in this stylish people atmosphere, drink champagne for breakfast (almost like from a movies huh?) and to meet new people.

I was attending Fashion Hong Kong show. The show was belonged to 3 Designers: my favorite Doris Kath Chan with collection Little by Little, Kenax Leung Be not so gentle and Lulu Cheung with collection Flow. 

I got a seat in a 2nd row which helped me to take a better pictures, of course a nice goodie bag and lots of cocktails sponsored by Absolut Vodka.  

Let’s start with Lulu.




It was very simple, would say casual, but at the same time feminine.

Next one is Kenax:


Super street style, very young and artist. You can see some seasonal details and all the pieces can be seen as wearable arts.

Last but not least was Doriskath.


And this one is my favorite! 


 I would love to buy the last piece. So Chick, feminine, classy, elegant and much more.



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