Summer sadness in Glypoteket

OMG! Can you believe that I wasn’t writing for almost 2 months?! Times simply flies too fast. So many things happened in my life, so it was one of the reasons why I was away for so long. Change my work and position, had some short summer holidays and things to do, that didn’t had…

Finally Spring in Copenhagen

My dear, Readers! And it happened again, I was gone for so long, but trying my best to find some time and make a new post on a blog. A lot of you are following me on Instagram, so they know what I do and etc. So if you don’t want to miss anything, follow…

Happy International Women’s day! 

With our day, dear Ladies! Remember who you are every day. We are women’s – strong, confident, powerful, smart, beautiful and we have shown a world who we are. By having the right to study, work, travel and express our opinions. If we are all together (let’s stop doing our girly fights and stay sophisticated!)…

Cosmos. Infinity lights and where you can reach all your dreams.

Hello my loves! Another dreamy day full of memories, wishes and dreams. Wanna share the magical pictures from the time when I was back home to Lithuania. For maybe a year I really wanted to go and see this Cosmos ‘room’ and finally I made it with my friend!

How not to over pack your hand luggage for holidays?

Holidays is almost here! Everybody is counting the days for the day of their departure (as I do ), that’s why I want to share some practical advice with you, how not to over pack your luggage. Cause Most of the time we think that we will need this and that, but we end up…

Saturday Outfit

  A weekend is almost over, so would like to share my outfit from yesterday. If you are curious about what I was wearing today, you can see it on Instagram ❤ So less talk and more pictures! Leather Jacket- Bershka Skirt- Saint Tropez Bag- Chanel Boy Shoes- H&M Sunnies- &Other Stories 

Inspirational and my favorite blogger: Mimi Ikonn

  The last few days, I am obsessed about Mimi Ikonn and her husband, Alex Ikonn. For a second day, I am watching non-stop, literally non-stop, their videos on youtube. It is a first blogger/vlogger who is completely different than the rest of famous bloggers in a world. She shares so much positivity, kindness and…

March goals: different lifestyle and everyday diary 

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! One step is closer to summer 🙂  youppyy! As tomorrow is a new start in a calendar, it will be a new start in my life as well. I made for myself some kind of goals list which I will really try to follow. The last weeks, I’m…

Inspirational day

You know those days, when you need to share your ideas somewhere? Like on a paper, by writing, drawing or singing very loud? I had this day yesterday. Made a cup of  fruity tea,

DIY- old home cardigan

Today I’m having one of these cozy days at home, when you want to do some crafts, clean wardrobe or your makeup.