OGX Keratin Oil


Hello my beautiful friends!

As you might know from my previous post, at the moment I’m taking extra care for my hair.

Few weeks ago, I got to test OGX Anti-breaking Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Before you read my review, wanna say that is my personal opinion and I am really amazed by how it works on my hair! Continue reading “OGX Keratin Oil”


New hair care routine.Easy way to have smooth and silky hair

Every women dreams, loves and wants to have a silky, smooth and strong hair. Of course I’m not an exception. At the moment I am taking an extra care for my hair and want to share my experience and literally one of the best products I’m using at the moment, which made my hair look healthier and feel silky.

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Sunday routine

For me, every Sunday is like a SPA day. I think I got this feeling from my mum. It’s already like a routine, when you use face masks, hair masks, scrubs etc.
This time, I was trying some new products as well. It was a moisturizer from Kenzo and face mask from H&M. But let’s start from the beginning.
Before going to the shower, I have tried (first time in my life) a face mask from H&M.

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Fresh up your hair

Hey guys!

I have missed you already ❤️ Today will be a short post, cause we will focus on a video.

A few days ago, I made a video of how to do a super fast kind of “blow dry” look. Using only one thing (see pic bellow). It took me around 15minutes. If you have completely wet hair, then I’m doing for around 25minutes.

So, as a heat protector I was using Loreal Studio Line Hot&Go, ideal for blow dry.

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How to curl your hair in 10 minutes- Youtube

Hi Loves,

Today I have made my very first video for youtube! I’m feeling so excited about it. Still need to learn so much about the applications for cutting a video, to find the best place im my apartment for recording and much more.

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Silky hair ❤️

It is so beautiful to see healthy, strong and shiny hair. Every girl put a looooot of efforts to make it, but sometimes it is pretty hard to find the right one for You.
I like to experiment with buying new shampoos and conditioners. Here is what I am trying right now.


Brazilian Keratin shampoo, I still can’t say that it makes some magic with your hair, but that I don’t need to use straightener later that is for sure! It is because of Bio-mimetic keratin formula which makes your hair straighter and more silky.

Then I was considering what conditioner to buy( I mean the same Brazilian Keratin brand or not) I red loads of good reviews about Loreal Mythic Oil conditioner and simply decided to try. Conditioner I like definitely more than shampoo. The hair becomes so silky and nourished. I can see that it helped for hair loss. It might be because of really magical deep repair masque ( Macadamia oil masque, I have wrote a review about it before) which makes miracles with my hair.

Not forgetting about the oils for hair! Right now I am using Lee Staford argan oil, which smells so nice and at the same time strong.


I put a small drop on my hands, massage a bit and then applying on the hair endings (Yes, I do not use this one for the whole head). I would rate it 4* from 5.
The next one, which is totally my love is Biosilk. I have found it maybe 8 years ago with my mummy at the beauty exposition in Lithuania. She bought everything from Biosilk ( the brand has shampoos, conditioners, shower gel, hair silk, body lotions and etc.) already after the 1st try my hair have changed completely. I highly recommend to everyone to try Biosilk brand and especially hair silk. I apply it on all hair( can be applied on wet and dry hair), just don’t put too much! It has interesting smell which I totally adore and of course most importantly is the result! I rate it 5*** from 5.

Have you ever tried any of these products or want to know more, comment bellow! 😄

With Love,

Tangle teezer

Everyone has their favorite hair brushes. Different sizes, materials, colours and design. Tangle teezer brush became popular long time ago, but only last week I decided to try as well and guess what?! I felt in love! Ha ha. Seriously, it makes a miracle with your hair.


Unique form, which makes your casual ritual even better. Gives pain-free detangling, you can use it on wet or dry hair. And what I like the most- it massage you head so nice! 🙂


You can purchase different design/ colour which suits you the best. Of course I chose black as it my favorite colour. 🙂

Girls, try it if you want to feel a magical difference!

With Love,



Goodybag! Ohh how much I love them! 😍 TRESemme has a new products! One of them I got is a Keratin Infusing shampoo, conditioner and a masque. Those products are infused with keratin so you can feel the difference instantly. It feels so smooth, straight and sleek! Easy to manage your hair afterwards.
Highly recommended for everyone who wants to have shiny and healthy hair.
More info here