The perfect duo from L’oreal Paris

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I hope all of you had a lovely Valentines day with your beloved ones. We need to remember that Valentines day can be every day, love yourself and everybody around you, share your smile and happiness, inspire and simply laugh. Out lout! ❤

Today want to talk about the perfect duo from Loreal Paris I got a few months ago. It came together with a red nail polish and a red cosmetic bag, which is very handy and pretty in your black handbag. Lately I am all about the whites, blacks and reds. Especially in the interior as this weekend I am moving with my boyfriend to a new bigger apartment.

This perfect Color Riche 297 Red Passion colour is not too bright and not too dark. Don’t remember when I had such a perfect red shade lipstick. It fits perfectly for a day time and obviously for the night. Has an incredible scent which reminds me of a childhood, when I was looking how my mum is doing her make up or another memory pops out is when I had a dance competitions and I was always wearing a red lipstick.

Keep in mind that it is a long lasting lipstick so it takes time to remove it. What I love about it, that it doesn’t dry out my lips, it feels moisturized and soft and it’s because it has an Omega 3 and Vitamin E in a formula.  I have already a few different shades in my To Buy list. Definitely worth it!

The next one is a False Lash Superstar Mascara. After I got used of using Diorshow mascara primer, now I can’t imagine a day of not using it before applying mascara. But when you are travelling it is more comfortable to have both in one tube. That’s when I felt in love with this mascara- while travelling. It is super comfortable, dries fast, doesn’t leave black marks on the under eye area and most importantly my lashes looks dark, long and it even makes that kind of sexy look.

When I know how difficult for me is to find that right mascara, for this one I can say that I am very very happy ❤

Hope you liked this review, leave you comments in a section bellow and don’t forget to like it. Till the next week from my new apartment and most likely it will be a small tour of it. So keep updated and follow me on instagram @worldbyenrika

Let’s talk about benefits from Benefit?

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My dear, Readers,

Last time I wrote it was last year! Can you believe that? Lately my life is a big rush. Don’t have time to do anything what I really want and like, which is a shame. But from today on, I will try my best to write my reviews, ideas, lookbooks and everything what I feel it can inspire you, more often ❤

So grab a cup of tea/coffee and start reading. Enjoy!

All the beauty bloggers/vloggers have been crazy about Benefit cosmetics lately and especially their brow products. Believe me or not, from all this media around me, I went to the closest Sephora and got myself a few bits and bops.

Let’s start with the Goof Proof  Brow Pencil. I really enjoyed for the first 2 weeks. It made easy to fill up the brows, shape a little bit in the direction I wanted and broom them, to keep it in place. But after those 2 weeks, the pencil got dry. I needed to draw for a minute on my hand to get the same texture as it was in a beginning. And as it is super slim, it was breaking all the time (I wasn’t pressing it hard!).

So my verdict would be: amazing in a beginning and a really bad product afterwards. You can get a much better quality product for much cheaper. Wouldn’t buy again.

Next one is It’s potent! Dark circle eye cream. It should fade your dark circles and smooth the skin. Does it fades the dark circles? NO. Does it moisturizes the under eye area? YES. Would I buy it again? Most likely not. 

As good advertising this cream has, but it doesn’t fade even a little bit the dark circles. Yes, it moisturizes a lot the under eye skin, and it feels smooth, concealer slides perfectly afterwords, but it doesn’t do the main job at least for my skin.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas, would be lovely to discuss it together.

Talk to you soon!




Merry Christmas! Gingerbread cookies and a magical mood at home

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Merry Christmas my dear readers! ♥

My mood couldn’t be more festive, when I know that it’s only 3 days are left till Christmas! As I was sick for the last couple of days, I couldn’t stand my bed anymore and decided to bake gingerbread cookies. First time in my life!
It turned out simply fantastic and want to share the recipe with you. Maybe it will be a nice gift for somebody or your Christmas tree decorations.
Nonetheless, it is so nice to feel cozy at home with lights turned on, Christmas music playing and feeling cinnamon in the air.  

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You will need:

400g flour
100g butter
100g brown sugar
4 tbs. of honey
1 egg
1 t.s. baking powder
2 t.s. ground ginger
1 t.s. cinamon

      The process 

Blend the sugar, butter and a melted honey. Add one egg and mix it well.  Pour the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, grounded ginger and mix it one more time. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Place the chilled dough on a floured surface and roll a 0.5 cm ‘pancake’ and with a frames you have, squeeze it on a dough to make the biscuits.
Preheat the oven at 180C and bake for around 12 minutes. It is better to keep an eye, and maybe it will be enough to bake only for 10min.

Don’t forget to decorate it 🙂

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If you will try it, don’t forget to tag me in your instagram, so I could see it how you made it! 🙂
I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Full of joy, happiness, real emotions and love in your heart ❤

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Rihanna Fenty!


To my all readers who are shoeholics! ❤

You will understand me, why I am writing this post. Simply I just want to show you, how beautiful these shoes are in reality! I bought them almost a week ago and every day I think that I made such a good investment and a purchase that it’s crazy. When people tell you ‘Nice Sneaks!’ in a store, work, gym or just in a metro, I fell like I nailed it! 😀

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It also comes in a dusty bag with a silky ribbons, which makes the whole experience even nicer. What I can say about the shoes, that If you will find them somewhere to buy, get a half size bigger for more comfort. I love that the out sole is not flat and it’s like a small platform. It gives more confident and adds more chick look to your style. I have this thing for all the shoes which are flat but on a short platform.

Lately, Puma has improved a looot in their new launches and I fell like for the future I will get one more pair with the silky laces in a white lacquer style. I will upload a picture on my instagram later on, so don’t forget to check it out @worldbyenrika.

What do you think in general about the FENTY line? Any favorites? Let me know in the comments bellow 🙂


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Gift ideas from Biok Laboratory

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The time of the year when everybody gets crazy about presents. You spend hours in a shopping centres (unless you already know what your are looking for) , browsing net or magazines. Sometimes you spend ridiculous amount of time only for thinking and in the end you go to the drug store and end up of buying the candle or anything else what that person definitely doesn’t need.

This time, I want to share some nice, small and cute present ideas from Biok Laboratorija.

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First set is from Rasa, it’s a shampoo, conditioner-mask and a spray conditioner for dyed hair. It’s a new line for coloured hair, which makes them much more stronger, smoother, silkier and easier to control them.  It will contribute not only for the hair, but also for the scalp. The conditioner will give extra shine and the colour will stay longer on the hair.
If you don’t know what to give for your friend or mum, it would be a really nice, budget friendly present. Add some Christmas candies and wrap it nicely 🙂

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Another is a gift for her and for him. Both from Lithuanian brand as well. Margarita offers a very nice packaging, which contains of the hand scrub, moisturizing hand cream and softening hand cream. All of them are with cranberries which means that it will smell like a real Christmas. You will have even a description of how to pamper your hands, which will make them smooth and silky, at the same time indulged of vitamins.

Last but not least is gift for him. Maybe it’s your grandfather/ father or your boyfriend? Or a best friend? I love the packaging that it has a small plane on a box. Means that you will get a travel size set of shaving cream, aftershave balm and aftershave cream. All of them are 75ml which is not bad at all. It will soothe the irritations and moisturize the skin after shaving.

All of these products you can shop at

All of these presents definetely would make somebody happy on a Christmas day. Budget friendly, from all the heart. Remember that in the end of the day on a Christmas it’s all about the love and care for your beloved ones. Maybe it’s a handmade poster or a cookies? Just be yourself and add some love in everything you do.

Thank you for reading!

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When you find a perfect cashmere coat

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Autumn is almost over and the chilly weather starts again. This year I got an amazing present from my mummy- long, navy cashmere coat. I was so happy when I saw it. Classy, sophisticated and every time I wear it, it gives me so much confidence that I can climb the mountains!

2 row golden buttons in front makes a classy statement. Fits with almost every kind of clothes and styles and of course it is perfect for any occasion.

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This time I had it with more a casual outfit and a pair of heels. That’s what I love a lot about it, that it makes me feel cozy and warm. You kind of wrap yourself in a long jacket or coat and feel secure.

And the best feeling is when people stop you in a street and asks you where did you bought it or that it looks amazing! ❤

I can highly recommend to invest in a good quality pieces such as coats, bags or shoes cause first, it will last for a long time and all the time it will look as you bought it yesterday.


Coat- Burberry
Bag- Calvin Klein

Shoes- Zara


What is the best combo to have long and curled eyelashes?

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I was waiting for so long until I will have time to spread the word about the perfect eyelashes combo/secret! Few months ago I bought Diorshow Maximizer Lash plumping serum at Sephora and was quite satisfied with the final result (at that time I used Lancome Hypnose mascara on top). In the end of October I had a birthday party where all my beloved friends came to congrats me and of course I got a different bits and bops as a presents. One of the was a set of Marc Jacobs beauty, which contained this absolutely amazing mascara, ultra glittery mascara pen (it’s like the eye liner just for your eye lashes) and the gel eye crayon.

And what do you think? I was sooooo surprised by the result that it’s crazy!  I tried the mascara alone, it was pretty good, but the Dior lash serum made such a magic on my eye lashes that I was staring at the mirror for like 20 minutes 🙂

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 O!Mega Lash Volumizing mascara which is water-based formula makes your lashes look voluminous and the eyes pops, making such a big statement on your face. Nevertheless it has some good ingredients as well. Such as  ” It incorporates a special size-increasing blend of rice bran, bayberry, carob, and African acacia tree extracts for maximum lash-expanding impact. The essential oils deeply condition lashes, while vitamins B5 and C strengthen and hold them in place for even longer wear”. (

It looks luxurious in your makeup bag and does the perfect job.

If you tried the diorshow serum, you know hat I am talking about. It’s like a magic in your bag. You can also apply it as a serum and leave it overnight, so it would help to protect the lashes from falling off too often! 🙂

Hope you liked it and see you soon.