Inspirational and my favorite blogger: Mimi Ikonn



The last few days, I am obsessed about Mimi Ikonn and her husband, Alex Ikonn. For a second day, I am watching non-stop, literally non-stop, their videos on youtube.

It is a first blogger/vlogger who is completely different than the rest of famous bloggers in a world. She shares so much positivity, kindness and just inspires and motivates to be even a better person in life.  Continue reading “Inspirational and my favorite blogger: Mimi Ikonn”


Every day makeup look

Super simple and fast makeup tutorial for you! It looks natural and simple, just perfect for every day.

Bellow you can see the products I’m using. As well, will attach a youtube link to see the whole process.

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Fresh up your hair

Hey guys!

I have missed you already ❤️ Today will be a short post, cause we will focus on a video.

A few days ago, I made a video of how to do a super fast kind of “blow dry” look. Using only one thing (see pic bellow). It took me around 15minutes. If you have completely wet hair, then I’m doing for around 25minutes.

So, as a heat protector I was using Loreal Studio Line Hot&Go, ideal for blow dry.

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Fashion Hong Kong

So the Copenhagen Fashion Week is over. It was so amazing to attend all the shows, feel special in this stylish people atmosphere, drink champagne for breakfast (almost like from a movies huh?) and to meet new people.

I was attending Fashion Hong Kong show. The show was belonged to 3 Designers: my favorite Doris Kath Chan with collection Little by Little, Kenax Leung Be not so gentle and Lulu Cheung with collection Flow. 

I got a seat in a 2nd row which helped me to take a better pictures, of course a nice goodie bag and lots of cocktails sponsored by Absolut Vodka.   Continue reading “Fashion Hong Kong”

Copenhagen Fashion Week

What a busy week is waiting for me this week!! Today will start going for a shopping, need to make so many different outfits, tomorrow meeting my friend and having my nails done and from Wednesday it starts.

I am so happy!! It was my first time getting invitations as a press person for a  fashion shows. Like in other cities, Fashion Week it’s a big deal! You can meet so many important people, develop your network and etc.

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Make a birthday wish 

Thank you my loves for so many birthday wishes!! ❤️ I feel pleased ❤️  I know that all the wishes will come true! Such a good feeling to know that someones remember you on this special day and that you are not alone, that you are important for someone.

Want to share my days pictures❤️ I had a cozy dinner with my boyfriend, and this Friday I am meeting with my friends to make a blast night!

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Purple October


When you live in Denmark you never know if it will be raining or sunny. It can change within a second. I like my hat soon much, but here it is kind of difficult to wear it, wind can blow it away pretty fast!


Hat- H&M
Boyfriend Jeans- Zara
Suede high-heels– Zara
Leather Jacket– Bershka
Retro Bag– Aldo

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With Love,


My loveliest October

Everybody who knows me, can say that October is something amazing for me. I become completely different person. This cold and sunny weather, beautiful trees, a cup of coffee in a park, love- that’s me ❤️

My first autumn outfit is super simply, business-like look.

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Weekend at home

Keep it classy and simple. The outfit of today ❤️ Definitely, comfort is most important when you talk about traveling, but for me it’s style. Because you never know who you will meet, what can happen and etc.

Today I chose H&M sandals, white Monki shirt-dress, long cardigan from Vero Moda  and big Marc Jacobs bag, where I can put all necessary things for the flight ( like chocolate, water, hand cream, lip balm, face toner and my iphone).

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