Cyprus. Our first summer vacation together and lots of cats. Part I

Sunbathing at the moment, drinking Prosecco and writing this blog post at 30 Celsius. One week just passed liked crazy and I wish that we would stay longer here.

Like every year, we been thinking where to celebrate my birthday and decided to go to Cyprus where my boyfriends father has a villa. As we never been before here and also in 7 years of our relationship we never had holidays next to the sea where is the summer, we decided that it’s the perfect time to get some tan, eat delicious food and enjoy each other here at my anniversary birthday.

Every day was at least 28C degrees, which is perfect to swim in a Mediterranean sea, eat fresh Greek salads and sea food and simply lay, drink champagne and enjoy each other. After such a busy month in my life, I really needed  to turn off my emails, wats’up and other apps, just to relax.

I don’t remember when I had time to read a book and finish it in 4 days! Just lay down, hear the sea weaves breaking into the sand and read a good romantic book that I bought at the airport.  It’s so nice and warm here. All the people are smiling, enjoying every single minute of the holiday and sun. Incredible food EVERYWHERE and soooooo many cats!! OMG, that is the most incredible thing I have seen in my life. That everywhere you go (even now at the beach) you see the cats.  Can’t believe that in a few days I will have to stop wearing summer clothes, drinking champagne (oh yes, I have been doing it every day!) and will be back to daily routine and work… Super sad, but that’s why I will leave for myself to write the second blog post when I’m back already so can throwback myself back there. And now enjoy the pictures! ❤

And I’m finishing this blog post, by sitting in my kitchen already, drinking mint tea wrapped in a cozy sweater, then outside is raining like crazy and is already super dark.. But as I said before, let’s leave the second part of it for later, so I can remember everything again and imagine that I’m laying under the palm tree with fresh figs in my hands.. Miss all the cats from the so so so much, will upload the picture in my next post.

Thank you for reading!
Enrika ❤


Summer sadness in Glypoteket

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OMG! Can you believe that I wasn’t writing for almost 2 months?! Times simply flies too fast. So many things happened in my life, so it was one of the reasons why I was away for so long. Change my work and position, had some short summer holidays and things to do, that didn’t had time to write at all.

Even that is almost autumn, wanted to share with you some pictures from  NY Carlsberg Glypoteket. If you want to run away from the city madness and enjoy some calm environment full of art and palm trees, you definitely have to visit this museum while you are in Copenhagen. The museum has not only Danish, but also French and Mediterranean art and sculptures. Not only the exhibitions but also the interior of the museum is incredible beautiful. A mix of Scandinavian minimalism and a Palm trees inside makes you feel like you are on holidays.

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I chose this topic for today to remember summer, because in 2 weeks I’m finally going on holidays to Cyprus! Can’t wait for that and definitely will post everything here ( and not in 2 months, promise!), but before going to Cyprus, I still have two more blog post coming up to share my new favorite coat I bought recently. It’s simply has to be posted on my blog, because it’s insane! At least for me, haha! 🙂

But as always, if you miss my blog post, you can always follow my Instagram account @worldbyenrika ,  to see first what is happening in my life ❤

Talk to you soon!

With Love,

Privet Moscow. Part I

And finally we are here in Moscow, Russia. We landed yesterday noon with the biggest hangover ever after the Easter lunch which we had with our friends, so we needed some time and food to recover and feel fresh again! 

Today was incredible! We visited the Red Square, Arbat street, GUM, and one more shopping centre.

You know, every time I was seeing this place in a pictures I dream about my own posing in front of it. And today was the day, when finally I made it. It was incredible cold, windy and worth every single frozen minute! 

Shopping centee GUM, is like the most fashionable and expensive place I have ever seen in my life. If you want to get last year collection with a double price from the designer store- go there. But in general, the whole atmosphere, decorations, music and people creates the mood where you want to swipe your Visa so many times! 🙂


When my Mother was the same age as I at the moment, she got her portrait painted by the street artist in Arbat, Moscow. So this time it was my time to continue the tradition and do the same. Hopefully my daughter will have the possibility to continue it. It was surprisingly cheap, ~ 17€  

If you are ever in Moscow be careful of these bunnies or any other kind of characters. They run to you, start huging and talking friendly, asking to take a picture together, but in the end asks for some money for the coffee or tea 😂 

Amazingly beautiful Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, not far from the city centre. It’s lile the Italian Vatican but just in Moscow. So so so breath taking, we lighted up some candles for our families and friends as well. You can buy it inside the cathedral.

And of course, ended up with delicious dinner and vine at the restaurant. What is amazing in this country, that you can find all kinds of kitchen and food. Everybody will find something for their taste and their budget.

That was it for now, tomorrow will be an exciting day and follow me on instagram to see my daily stories so you can “travel” with me together! @ worldbyenrika



Happy Easter from Møns Klint

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Last time I was at thin incredible place less than a year with my friends. Yesterday we have decided to do a road trip from Copenhagen to Møns Klint and spend a day with lots of smiles, laugh, hiking and obviously taking loads of pictures.

If you are living in Denmark or planing to come for the holidays, definitely jump in a car and drive there. For me this place is where you calm down, disconnect from the city as there is no service at all, so nobody will disturb you by the phone calls or facebook. You enjoy the nature, sea, forest, you climb so many stairs, see the nature from all kind of different angles and understand how happy you are that people haven’t touched this beauty.

Hope you will like the pictures and will find it inspiring.

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 I wish all of you to have a lovely and colorful Easter break!


Gera grizti is namu!

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Sveiki, brangieji!

Prisiminus namus, norisi rasyti lietuviskai ir parodyti kokiu nuostabiu dalyku galima gauti musu gimtineje! Praleidus beveik 10 dienu Lietuvoje, grizom atgal i Danija su 22kg lagaminu pripildytu naminiu gerybiu. Dazniausiai taip ir nutinka kai nori parsivesti viska, kas primena namus. Deja teveliai nelabai tilpo grizti kartu.

Jau seniai rasiau toki blogo irasa kuris butu misinys susidedantis is knygu, kosmetikos, maisto ir interjero detaliu, bet pagalvojau Why Not? Saltiems rudenio/ziemos vakarams, norisi tureti jaukius irasus ir bloge 🙂

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Suprantama, kad kai grizti is namu, dazniausiai visos lauktuves susideda is maisto. Pats geriausias atradimas buvo Ivairiu skoniu trapuciai is kvieciu. Juos galite rasti Iki bei Maxima parduotuvese. Kainos tiksliai neatsimenu, bet apie 1,30EUR. Rasite apelsinu, bananu, kokoso, juodo sokolado, bei avieciu trapuciu. Skonis tiesiog nerealus ir zymiai sveikiau, bei geriau nei saldainiai.

Ar zinote ta jausma kai perki ne del skonio, bet del isvaizdos? Man si karta taip ir nutiko! 🙂 Lasisu pastetas Petit Pate, tikiuosi bus taip pat skanu kaip ir atrodo, nes ipakavimas tiesiog wow! Prancuziskas, mielas, ir labai jau instagram friendly sakyciau.

Ir paskutiniai du groziai keliaujantys i virtuve, yra medines menteles su isdroztom sirdutem. Paziuresime ant kiek tai yra praktiska, bet atrode labai mielai ir jei jau neiseis naudoti, virtuvej bus mielas akcentas ir primins, kad maista ruosti reikia su meile ❤

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Skaniai pavalgius, galima pereiti prie grozio. Margaritos kosmetika pamegau jau tikrai senai ir kai pirkau ranku muila su vysnaitemis (nezinau del ko neidejau i nuotrauka, bet nerealiai skaniai kvepia!), sustojau apsizvalgyti ties veido kremais ir issirinkau sita. Labai neautralaus kvapo, greitai susigeriantis i oda, bei suteikiantis odai elastingumo. Pasitepus ryte atrodo jog atsikelei jau senai ir nebera patinusio veido, bei atrodai zvaliai. Tikrai ismeginkit, o kaina yra tikrai labai gera,

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Kiekviena karta grizus i Lietuva, parsivezu knygu. Si karta prigriebiau klasika, bei lengva, juokinga lietuviska romana.

Pradesiu nuo Agnes Pacekajes ‘Prisirpusios Senmerges Ispazintis‘  , nes jau perskaiciau daugiau negu puse ir kiekviena minute buna tiesiog vitaminas C. Negaliu nustoti juoktis, o kai vaziuoju metro ir garsiai nusijuokiu, visi zmones suziuri kreivais zvilgsniais. Jei nori lengvo skaitalo vakarais, geros nuotaikos bei siek tiek ironijos i senmergyste bei savo metus- tikrai perskaityk!

Kita knyga yra tiesiog klasika. Oscar Wilde ‘ Doriano Grejaus Portretas’. Manau dauguma is jusu jau esate skaite, bet tokias knygas tiesiog reikia tureti namuose, todel skaitysime dar karta ir prisiminsim ar nemirtingumas tikrai turi savo kaina.

Ir dovana nuo mamytes yra ‘Ne Bobu Reikalai’ uzrasine. Maza, patogi, graziumi vidumi ir motyvuojantys sakiniai kiekvienai dienai, kad nepamirstum del kokiu tikslu tu keliesi kiekviena diena i darba ir judi pirmyn.

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Kadangi spalis yra mano megstamiausias menesis kaip jau tikriausiai zinote ir tikrai ne del to, kad tai mano gimtadienis ir menesis pilnas dovanu ( parasykite komentaruose jeigu butu idomu suzinoti ka gavau), bet taip pat metas kai susitinki su visais zmonemis kurie yra tau brangus gyvenime.

Naujiena man buvo lietuviu gamybos zvakes is Aroma Lab, kuriu visi gaminiai yra ranku darbo, vienetiniai ir pagaminti is naturaliu produktu. Kas labai maloniai nustebino tai yra tai, jog nuo kiekvienos parduotos prekes yra skiriami 5% Dzukijos laukiniu gyvunu prieziurai. Ziema juk arteja, dovanu metas prasideda. Padarydami dovana savo brangiam zmogui, galesite pagelbeti ir gyvuneliams kuries tos silumos reikes is musu saltaja ziema Lietuvoje.

Apsilankykite del platesnes info.

Taip pat, nuodtabaus grozio apyranke, kuria gavau taipogi is mamytes tinkanti absoliuciai prie visko ir ypac graziai atrodanti prie laikrodzio. Siltos spalvos, akmenukai ir grozis kuris visada primena apie namus ❤

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Tai stai tokie mano grizimai mintimis i Lietuva ir laukite daugiau irasu sekancia savaite!

Su meile,



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Already 3 weeks passed after our holidays in Venice, but I can’t forget anything and still being in that kind of  mood. Where you want to dress nice all day long, eat delicious food (I think I will need to do a separate post about Italian food, cause I found way too many pictures on my drive), and in general Italian people. Most likely this post will be more with pictures  and less words. Hope I will teleport you to a sunny weather and a good mood! Godere!

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It was my first time in Venice, and I absolutely loved it. You can find there everything you need- food, shopping, theaters, architecture, sea, romantic spots and etc. The biggest impression was that in every street you will have to cross the little bridge. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of those bridges. Each of them looked so unique and different.

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As you might know, Venice is famous of its canals. You can take a gondola ride for 30 or 45min (quite expensive, for 30min we paid 80EUR), but definitely worth to try it! You will see the real Italian streets with laundry hanging trough out a windows, private apartment windows with a homemade food smell and just the whole experience was incredible.

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Couldn’t be more happier!

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Last time in Italy I was 2 years ago, and of course this country is all about shopping, vine and food! From high-end street stores till luxury butiques.

And Gelato, a lot of Gelato! 🙂

When you are in Italy, you always want to look stylish and fashionable. Especially when you see a real Italian women..

Because of a looooot of walking my feets were killing me, so I needed to start wearing my NMD’s to survive and change the plan of my outfits.. SADLY!

I’m so happy that I have you- my readers, so I can write again and go back to these amazing memories ❤️

Check my Instagram @worldbyenrika for more pictures!

Ciao! ❤️

Escape from the city and yourself. Part II. Lookbook

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Hello Dears,

This time will be less writing, but more pictures. The last few days, I have such a weird feelings about my future. I want to change my career radically, that is why I am planning to apply for one more bachelor degree from the next year.

It will be completely different field, a similar to the one I was supposed to study 5 years ago (huh, time goes so fast!),  but it’s too early to talk about it. I am not sure if I will get in. A lot of ideas are happening right now in my mind. Also, I was thinking about changing my job (Again, I know). So I just need to settle down, and see what are the opportunities.  Continue reading “Escape from the city and yourself. Part II. Lookbook”

Escape from the city and yourself. Part I

Sometimes, everybody needs to escape from the city, from the everyday rush, all the same faces or simply yourself.

I needed to do this as well, and the best thing was to take a train and visit my friends which I haven’t seen for a long time. I had the most incredible stay for a two days and would repeat more than hundred times again!

You know the feeling then everything is just too much. Too much of work, too much of handling stressful situations or staying at the same place for too long.  Continue reading “Escape from the city and yourself. Part I”

Atostogos! Kaip nepersikrauti daiktu, bei buti viskam pasiruosus.


Sveikos brangiosios.

Atostogų metas jau atėjo, o galbūt pas kažką ir baigėsi. Tačiau šiandieną, norėčiau aptarti su Jumis vieną iš didžiausių galvos skausmų, kaip ir ką susidėti į lagaminą, kad užtektų visoms dienoms. Būtum pasiruošusi bet kuriai progai, bet tuo pačiu ir nenešiotum vis tų pačių drabužių kiekvieną dieną. Continue reading “Atostogos! Kaip nepersikrauti daiktu, bei buti viskam pasiruosus.”

Cosmos. Infinity lights and where you can reach all your dreams.

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Hello my loves!

Another dreamy day full of memories, wishes and dreams. Wanna share the magical pictures from the time when I was back home to Lithuania. For maybe a year I really wanted to go and see this Cosmos ‘room’ and finally I made it with my friend!
Continue reading “Cosmos. Infinity lights and where you can reach all your dreams.”