DIY- old home cardigan

Today I’m having one of these cozy days at home, when you want to do some crafts, clean wardrobe or your makeup.

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Every day makeup look

Super simple and fast makeup tutorial for you! It looks natural and simple, just perfect for every day.

Bellow you can see the products I’m using. As well, will attach a youtube link to see the whole process.

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Fresh up your hair

Hey guys!

I have missed you already ❤️ Today will be a short post, cause we will focus on a video.

A few days ago, I made a video of how to do a super fast kind of “blow dry” look. Using only one thing (see pic bellow). It took me around 15minutes. If you have completely wet hair, then I’m doing for around 25minutes.

So, as a heat protector I was using Loreal Studio Line Hot&Go, ideal for blow dry.

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How to curl your hair in 10 minutes- Youtube

Hi Loves,

Today I have made my very first video for youtube! I’m feeling so excited about it. Still need to learn so much about the applications for cutting a video, to find the best place im my apartment for recording and much more.

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