Silk and gold

Dress- H&M/ Loafers- H&M/ Bag- H&M/ Cardigan- Next

Hello to everybody! I’m so happy that lately have more time to write here and I think you realized that as well by having my new blog post almost every second day. Jeeej ❤ 

So at the moment I’m waiting for the boarding to start to Vilnius, Lithuania. It won’t be like a normal holidays, because I have to do queit a lot of medical check-ups, but crossing fingers that everything will be good. 

This time, want to share my favorite for the moment dress. It’s a satin pastel blue dress, super light and easy to wear. I paired it with a golden loafers and a bright yellowish golden cross-bag. 

As in Denmark is still quite chill outside, even that it’s a mid of JULY already (crazy!!) you want to cover up with something to keep that coziness. 

And I think that’s it. Hope you liked it and got some inspiration for your next outfitt. I’m already waiting (again) to take off!  Next post will be already from Lithuania. Follow me on instagram (worldbyenrika) to see what I’m doing there ❤ 

With Love,



Cosmos. Infinity lights and where you can reach all your dreams.

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Hello my loves!

Another dreamy day full of memories, wishes and dreams. Wanna share the magical pictures from the time when I was back home to Lithuania. For maybe a year I really wanted to go and see this Cosmos ‘room’ and finally I made it with my friend!
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Foreo Luna Play. New Travel Essential


Hello my beautiful friends!
This time I want to talk about a must have for every day use, including the traveling.

This is a Foreo Luna Play, the first travel-size cleansing device which is not only small and cute, but it does its work as crazy! It’s very soft, so even if you use it with a scrub, it won’t be so intense as with Clarisonic for example.  Continue reading “Foreo Luna Play. New Travel Essential”

Train essentials

I am taking a train almost every day to reach my work. Without these essentials it would be pretty hard. As all of us know- in women’s bag you can find everything. Here is my top of today.


Innocent juice- mango and orange taste- my favorite! It’s never concentrated and it is a blend of 9 oranges and 3/4 of a crushed mango.

Of course many lipsticks and balms. These 3 are my TOP ones. The Body Shop lip balm smells heavenly and softens your lips instantly. Another Too Faced lip gloss is changing color according to your mood! Isn’t it cool?! It can be from the icy pink to the raspberries pink. And one of the new lip glosses I have, it is Maybelline Colorama nothing special, last maximum for 1 hour but it is always a good idea to have some extra things in your purse!:)

The next one is Chanel powder Les Beiges, No 40. I used it more as a blush. Actually nothing special but at least it last for almost the whole day.

Of course my pink notebook and a book to kill a time in the train;)
As well I cannot travel without any body moisturizer. Today I had from St. Tropez tan optimizer body moisturizer. It does not give any color but it smells nice and softens your skin a lot!

The last but not least my Chloe clutch. Sometimes I use it as my mini wallet, sometimes as a purse for my cosmetics.

Write your thoughts and comments below :))