News from Maybelline and L’oreal

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Hello guys! And I’m finally back again here!

Sitting in my lounge, having a cup of tea with an apple pie, which I baked just a minute ago. Couldn’t be more cozier for a cold November evening. And that’s why I wanted to share my ideas and opinion about these new products which went viral all other the social media.

Let’s start with Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink. I got 8 beautiful new colours and was super excited to try it out. My favorites are 15 Lover, 20 Pioner,10 Dreamer and 50 Voyager.  It was a love from the first sigh. Very good consistency and comfortable applicator.And most importantly it doesn’t dry out your lips as over matte lipsticks!
The colour stays for HOURS! If you apply it in the morning before you leave home, you will still have the colour on your lips by the time you will go for your lunch break! Couldn’t it be more fascinating?! With the darker colour, yes, it’s a bit tricky to remove it, but use your mascara remover and you will be fine. Don’t use creamy make up removers for dark shades unless you want to spend some more time in front of the mirror! 😀
To conclude, very good product, definitely would recommend it and the colour range is amazing for autumn/winter!

Next one is Master Blush Color and Highlighting Palette. I would say very Autumn’ish palette, due to the colour range. The highlighters are absolutely fantastic! Very pigmented and not applies very easily, and the blushers I tap just a little bit on my cheeks,  to add some tone and make the hole make up more natural. If you are not a big fan of blushes, then I’m not sore if it’s smart to buy the whole palette, just because of the highlighters, but I would definitely recommend at least to try it in a store and see if you like. At least me, I would recommend it for sure!

Next beauties are from L’oreal. My favorites are True Match Minerals FoundationTwo are skin improving foundations and the 3rd is mattifying powder. If you like very very natural looking make-up then these 2 mineral foundations are up to your street. I’m not a big fan of matt skin, so I will give the mattifying powder to my mum, but it definitely does a great job!

I’m a big fan of concealers, so to try the newest L’oreal True Match The One was more than exciting. It is quite pigmented, but doesn’t make your skin look too “Cakey” whish is cool. I use in 2 tones, one lighter and one darker. With the darker shade I cover all the spots and with the lighter tone I highlight and brighten.

Last but not least is Paradise Extatic Mascara. First what I wanna say is WOW! It gives definitely a lot of volume and length (my own lashes are long and curly enough, so I don’t use lash curler). If you have very thin and straight lashes, I don’t know if you will like it, but for the thicker lash owners, would really suggest to try it! Some of the bloggers said that they didn’t liked it, but I would say don’t use too much product! For me it was much better than Dior Pump’n’Volume or Better Than Sex mascara, so obviously it’s completely different from person to person. But I personally liked it a lot.
Might sound strange, but I love all of these products. It’s a great quality, friendly prices and super comfortable packaging and design (especially mineral powders!)

Thank you for reading and talk to you soon!
With Love,


The Creamy Mattes. News from Maybelline New York.

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A lipstick in a women’s purse can change her world. The way she walk on a street or flirt with a men she sees for a first time. And especially a red one. You can wear any makeup if you have the perfect red lipstick. It’s enough to show your power. And only with one lipstick.

That is why I wanna talk today about the 2 new lipstick shades from Maybelline New York collection. Continue reading “The Creamy Mattes. News from Maybelline New York.”

Mixa Anti- Imperfection. Sensitive skin expert. EN-LT text

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Hello my beautiful friends!
This time I am so excited to share my ideas and opinion about these products! It’s a french brand which is an upcoming boom in the Baltic countries. It is a second line I am trying out ( You can reed more about it. It was anti-redness line, more about it read it HERE ) and can say, that this one I liked much more than the previous one. Continue reading “Mixa Anti- Imperfection. Sensitive skin expert. EN-LT text”

Biok Labaratorija / English- Lithuanian text


It’s always so nice to receive the newest products in a market firstly and to try it. I’m a big fan and supporter of Lithuanian brands and products- and especially when it’s really an amazing quality.

Pasakykite kas nemėgsta išbandyti produktų dar pries jiems pasirodant rinkoje? Manau tikrai, kad visi 🙂 Ne išimtis ir aš. Tikrai labai apsidžiaugiau kai gavau el. paštą su žinute, kad laukčiau staigmenos iš kurjerio! O ypač, kai gyvenu užsienyje. Tas toks namų ilgesys iš karto užlieja mano širdį. Esu tikrai labai laiminga, kad Lietuvos produkcija yra aukščiausio lygio, gali drąasiai konkuruoti su grožio gigantais visame pasaulyje. Continue reading “Biok Labaratorija / English- Lithuanian text”

Sunday routine

For me, every Sunday is like a SPA day. I think I got this feeling from my mum. It’s already like a routine, when you use face masks, hair masks, scrubs etc.
This time, I was trying some new products as well. It was a moisturizer from Kenzo and face mask from H&M. But let’s start from the beginning.
Before going to the shower, I have tried (first time in my life) a face mask from H&M.

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Morning routine with Mixa


Po kelių savaičių bandymo Mixa produkcijos, noriu pasakyti, kad likau labai nustebinta. Pradėsiu nuo Micelinio vandens jautriai ir reaktyviai odai. Šis valomasis vanduo itin gerai nuvalo makiažą, o ypač akių tušą kas man labai patiko. Palyginimui galiu pasakyti, kad šis valomasis vanduo man patiko labiau nei Garnier micelinis vanduo.

Jei kalbėti apie sudedamąsias dalis, tai labai pasijautė, kad yra pantenolio. Veidas iš karto tampa nuramintas ir neparaudes. Drąsiai rekomenduoju ir manau,kad visos liksite patenkintos 🙂


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Natūrali Nimfės kosmetika

Kvapas, tekstūra bei įpakavimas- viskas natūralu ir paprasta, tačiau tuo pačiu metu kažkas išskirtinio. Visa tai rasite Nimfės kosmetikoje.

Pradėsiu nuo natūralaus Kanapių muilo-šveitiklio. Labai lengvo kvapo kurį greičiausiai sudaro žalioji arbata. Besiprausiant jaučiasi kanapių sėklos kurios ir nušveičia negyvąsias odos ląsteles ir oda ištikrūjų tampa labai švelni.  Galite drąsiai naudoti ir veidui. Tačiau rekomenduočiau naudoti šį muilą veidui tik tada jei nenaudojote veido kaukės.

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Soufeel jewelry 

Are you searching what to buy as a present for your friend, love or a family member? These amazing charms and a bracelet are the right things that you are looking for ❤️

Silver or gold, with diamonds or without.

Use my discount code DIY20 to get 20% off! But first have a look at mines, I’m in love ❤️❤️

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