Dior nail care and beauty



Hello my beautiful friends! I was gone AGAIN and for a long time not writing any reviews or anything else. But you know, when you work full time and have some home stuff to do as well, there is simply no time to blog. Which is really sad, but all of us have to prioritize something. Right?

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Under eye area.  Clinique pep-start cream. 

Hello my beautiful friends! ❤️

A new day- a new review. This time I wanna talk about our face and under eyes area. It’s not a secret that I’m addicted to eye creams. I can buy them every day and it will never be too many bottles on my bathroom shelf.

A few weeks ago, I have bought Clinique pep-start eye cream. A lot of beauty bloggers wrote about this cream and I thought why not? Let’s try it! Continue reading “Under eye area.  Clinique pep-start cream. “

Vichy Idealia skin care



Hello my beautiful friends! Hope you are all doing great ❤

Today I will be talking about Vichy Laboratoires. First time I have tried Idealia products maybe a year ago, after I got a few samples at the drug store. I felt in love immediately after trying out the first sample! The softness and texture is simply amazing, it also smells like orchids, sun and luxurious soap.

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Sunday routine

For me, every Sunday is like a SPA day. I think I got this feeling from my mum. It’s already like a routine, when you use face masks, hair masks, scrubs etc.
This time, I was trying some new products as well. It was a moisturizer from Kenzo and face mask from H&M. But let’s start from the beginning.
Before going to the shower, I have tried (first time in my life) a face mask from H&M.

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Ar tik brangūs būna geri? 


Norėčiau šiandieną pakalbėti apie ganėtinai dažną klausimą. Ar tik brangūs produktai būna geri? Anksčiau drąsiai sakyčiau jog taip, bet pabandžius šitą kremą ne tik aš, bet ir mano mama likome sužavėtos. Jo kaina yra manau iki 3 eurų.

Šis yra vakarinis kremas, bet aš naudoju ir dieną ir net Continue reading “Ar tik brangūs būna geri? “

Body care with &other Stories.

As you may know, I am becoming a big fan of &other Stories skin care, makeup and etc. It’s actually pretty strange that I don’t like so much their clothes, cause in a stores it looks so nice and cool, but every time I try it on myself it becomes a disaster 😄 , really!

Today, I want to share my experience of using body scrub (which is amazing!) body wash and body lotion.

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Cashmere face and lips

After so many messages I received about my Pinky World, I am feeling that I have to do this review even faster! ❤️

Today I will talk about Anti-Stress Moisturising cream Hydra Zen from Lancôme and Nourishing lip bal Night Balm from Kiko Milano.

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