Silk and gold

Dress- H&M/ Loafers- H&M/ Bag- H&M/ Cardigan- Next

Hello to everybody! I’m so happy that lately have more time to write here and I think you realized that as well by having my new blog post almost every second day. Jeeej ❤ 

So at the moment I’m waiting for the boarding to start to Vilnius, Lithuania. It won’t be like a normal holidays, because I have to do queit a lot of medical check-ups, but crossing fingers that everything will be good. 

This time, want to share my favorite for the moment dress. It’s a satin pastel blue dress, super light and easy to wear. I paired it with a golden loafers and a bright yellowish golden cross-bag. 

As in Denmark is still quite chill outside, even that it’s a mid of JULY already (crazy!!) you want to cover up with something to keep that coziness. 

And I think that’s it. Hope you liked it and got some inspiration for your next outfitt. I’m already waiting (again) to take off!  Next post will be already from Lithuania. Follow me on instagram (worldbyenrika) to see what I’m doing there ❤ 

With Love,



Casual but different 

Hello everybody! Seems like summer finally arrived to my street as well. The days where you can wear dresses and no jackets makes me much more happier! ❤ 

As I gained a few kilograms I also started to wear more often dresses and skirts. It helps to style the outfit in that way where you can  “hide” the problematic areas bus still look well and put all together. 

For this time I chose two colored dress from  S. Oliver, very light and soft top made from cotton and the skirt part in a pastel pink which is much more stiff. 

My beloved slip ons from Atmosphere (Primark) and the backpack which I got from my mum, but don’t know exactly from where she got it. 

What is the key detail in every outfit you make -is to have a statement piece. Either it’s an accessory or a clothing piece, just don’t be afraid of trying and experimenting new colours or shapes, or styling the clothes. If you have a pretty plain dress with nothing crazy going on, just take a bag which is more extravagant or a necklac, so you can add some kind of spice to the whole look.

Summer is the perfect time to do this and I can’t wait to show you more of my looks.



Weekend look

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Happy Saturday my dear readers! Finally it’s the day where you can either stay at home, clean everything, spend time just for yourself or go to the city and meet with your friends or do shopping. Either way, want to show you this ‘ weekend look’, which perfectly fits for the day and for the night. Simple, casual, a bit sexy and stylish.

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Jeans- Pieces/ Top- Zara/ Coat- Envii/ Clutch- Moss Copenhagen/ Flats- Small shop in Moscow/ Velvet tie- H&M

As I said last time, pink colour is taking the top in our wardrobe and I was so happy to find my old but still brand new jacket/coat which I have bought 3 or 4 years ago! Sometimes it’s good to keep the good pieces and don’t throw/sell it away.

Very basic look. White jeans, black top, heavy flats, big black clutch and of course pink coat.   Seems like it’s very simple look, but if you add one statement piece it will change completely everything. Especially when it is with some colour so you won’t look too boring. Style it with big accessories or a lot with tiny ones and see how the look is changing completely. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what fits you best.

Hope you liked it and leave you comments bellow!
Enjoy your weekend,
Enrika ❤

All about the pastel

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Slip-on’s / Atmosphere. Trousers, Shirt Necklace/ H&M . Earrings / Swarovski. Bag/ NEYE. Sunglasses/ Aldo. 

Hello my dear readers!

Spring is finally here in Copenhagen! No more rain, getting warmer with every day, sun is shining and every day I can see a beautiful sunset from my terrace.

As pink color is taking the top place this Spring, I could not resist from getting a pastel pink trousers, which perfectly fits for every day use at work, or if you pair it with a nice pair of pumps you are ready to rock the evening look.

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This time I styled it with a white oversized shirt, a pair of beige slip- on’s and a beige coat. A few years ago, I was crazy about accessories from H&M, don’t know why I stopped buying from there, but I found at home a perfectly fitting necklace in pastel blue and pink colors.

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After the photo shoot, when I was editing pictures, I realized that even my manicure, bag and the sunglasses complimented the full look and I was very happy with result. Even at work my colleagues where like ” Ohh you look so nice in pastel colors!” 🙂

When it will be much warmer, can’t wait to take my pink coat and style it with a pair of nude heels and white jeans. Should look really really well! And now, enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to check me on instagram @worldbyenrika

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Thank you for reading!

Éclat d’Arpège by Lanvin

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You know, when one you fall in love with a perfume and then after many years you find it again? It happened with me with  Éclat d’Arpège by Lanvin. 

Maybe 10 years ago it was my first time when I got as a present from my dance teacher. I remember as it was yesterday, a beautiful first Summer day, warm breeze, blooming flowers everywhere and this scent. And a month ago, I have bought it again. It smells so fresh, dreamy and romantic. I am not the best describer about the perfumes, but it makes me smile. Enjoy every minute and dream.

The top notes are: Lilac and Lemon leaves, which makes the scent not too sweet and more fresh.

The heart notes are: Red Peony, Wisteria, Green team peach flowers and Chinese osmanthus.

The base notes are: White cedar, Amber, Sweet musk.

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Very fresh, warm, light and sooth scent on a skin. It is perfect for every day use, maybe a little too light for the evening, but amazing for the day.  Beautiful minimalist packaging, if you are like me, most likely you will also think how it will look on your makeup table or in a bathroom. very elegant and simple at the same time.

What are your ideas? Do you like the packaging or maybe you have tried this perfume already before? Can’t wait to hear your ideas!


Atostogos! Kaip nepersikrauti daiktu, bei buti viskam pasiruosus.


Sveikos brangiosios.

Atostogų metas jau atėjo, o galbūt pas kažką ir baigėsi. Tačiau šiandieną, norėčiau aptarti su Jumis vieną iš didžiausių galvos skausmų, kaip ir ką susidėti į lagaminą, kad užtektų visoms dienoms. Būtum pasiruošusi bet kuriai progai, bet tuo pačiu ir nenešiotum vis tų pačių drabužių kiekvieną dieną. Continue reading “Atostogos! Kaip nepersikrauti daiktu, bei buti viskam pasiruosus.”

Foreo Luna Play. New Travel Essential


Hello my beautiful friends!
This time I want to talk about a must have for every day use, including the traveling.

This is a Foreo Luna Play, the first travel-size cleansing device which is not only small and cute, but it does its work as crazy! It’s very soft, so even if you use it with a scrub, it won’t be so intense as with Clarisonic for example.  Continue reading “Foreo Luna Play. New Travel Essential”

Beautiful pastel wedding look.

Welcome back to my blog, my Dears! ❤

I’m still in a holiday mood and every day thinking of how I will go back (already next month). Want to share some memories and pictures from our friends wedding. It was SO SO SO beautiful. I was crying a few times from happiness and that beauty around me. Continue reading “Beautiful pastel wedding look.”

What is in my makeup bag on the go?

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Hello my beautiful friends!

I was too busy again last week but that’s why I wanna share the most favorite and asked topic- what is in my makeup bag for every day? What do I carry with me in my handbag and if I need to have a lot.

Wanna share my favorites at the moment which are always with me. My current favorite make up bag is from Victoria’s Secret and I simply love it! So pastel, pretty and girly. Continue reading “What is in my makeup bag on the go?”