Happy Easter from Møns Klint

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Last time I was at thin incredible place less than a year with my friends. Yesterday we have decided to do a road trip from Copenhagen to Møns Klint and spend a day with lots of smiles, laugh, hiking and obviously taking loads of pictures.

If you are living in Denmark or planing to come for the holidays, definitely jump in a car and drive there. For me this place is where you calm down, disconnect from the city as there is no service at all, so nobody will disturb you by the phone calls or facebook. You enjoy the nature, sea, forest, you climb so many stairs, see the nature from all kind of different angles and understand how happy you are that people haven’t touched this beauty.

Hope you will like the pictures and will find it inspiring.

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 I wish all of you to have a lovely and colorful Easter break!



Escape from the city and yourself. Part I

Sometimes, everybody needs to escape from the city, from the everyday rush, all the same faces or simply yourself.

I needed to do this as well, and the best thing was to take a train and visit my friends which I haven’t seen for a long time. I had the most incredible stay for a two days and would repeat more than hundred times again!

You know the feeling then everything is just too much. Too much of work, too much of handling stressful situations or staying at the same place for too long.  Continue reading “Escape from the city and yourself. Part I”

Home Sweet Home. Lookbook

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It’s the best feeling to be at HOME. With your family, your pets and being surrounded by love. This time, I’m staying just for a few days, we came to our friends wedding and will be back to Copenhagen.

I don’t know why, but lately I’m starting to feel like moving back to Lithuania. I miss my family a lot, my friends, my language and just the feeling of HOME. I think after a few years, or maybe even sooner I will move back. Continue reading “Home Sweet Home. Lookbook”

Sunny outfit and a day in a park

My loves! I was away from blogging for so many days and to make you smile want to share some sunny pictures together with you ❤️

Few days ago, we decided to have a walk in a park. It was super warm and sunny. We took some bread to feed the birds and went to the park. Continue reading “Sunny outfit and a day in a park”