My new morning routine ❤ 

Hey Loves! Hope all of you are great and already planning your Summer 🙂 I was AGAIN so busy lately that totally didn’t had time to write any blog post. I need to become better at this-promise!

But for today, I want to talk about my new favorite skin products which I bought on my trip to Moscow, don’t know if I should make a huge cosmetics haul on what I have bought there? If you would be interested in that write in the comment section bellow! 🙂 What I can tell  you is that after I have tried everything what I have bought there, I could see the results after one night already. And when I think about the price I paid there (Ridiculously low!) and the immediate result on my face I started questioning myself what a hell I was spending hundreds for Chanel or Estee Lauder creams and could see just a small difference on my face and now the immediate improvements of my skin!

All these 3 products which you can see in a pictures are natural. In a beginning it was more like a stylish thing to buy only organic and natural products, but when you start using it every day and you see the changes in your skin and body (also talking about food) you realize that it’s not fashion- it’s your health!

Let’s start with the Natura Estonica- Sophora Japonica Face Serum.  It’s 95,5% natural, with no parabens and no mineral oils. It makes the skin smooth and elastic, by leaving a really nice scent on your skin. On their website it says ‘Bio-lotus extract tones skin and improves its complexion. The special complex of active ingredients moisturizes skin and prolongs youth.’  And I can definitely agree on that. It improved my complexion and the skin became much more radiant!

After I applied face serum, next step I do is to apply my moisturizer.  Found the best face cream from Organic Kitchen- Wake Up Moisturising Face Cream. Here is what it says on their website: ‘ This is a hydrating face cream with grape seed oil and organic snowdrop extract. It helps to keep your skin moisturised and prevents dehydration. Regular use of the cream gives your skin an energy boost and makes it glow with health. It makes your skin soft and silky smooth, has pronounced rejuvenating and regenerative properties.
Grape seed oil contained in the cream has a revitalising effect. It stimulates skin regeneration and renewal, makes it smoother, copes with dryness and flaking, accelerates the healing of minor skin injuries. Organic snowdrop extract helps the skin to retain moisturise and provides it with vitamins and minerals. The cream is enriched with coconut oil and sunflower seed oil.’  

It definitely smells like grapes which is awaking in the mornings. My skin feels fresh and soooo moisturized. You can see immediately the natural glow and it reduced acne as well. Perfect cream before applying any make up and it is this kind of cream when you want to apply and apply over again. When I see how beautiful my skin looks I even don’t want to apply any foundation and it’s all thanks to this cream!

The last step is my under eyes. New favorite is DR. Konopka’s regenerating eye cream. It’s vegan and natural! Here is what it says on their website: ‘This restorative eye cream uses Dr. Konopka’s special organic herbal essence № 49. With vitamins and mineral nutrients that are essential to nourish and gently repair delicate skin around the eyes. Combined with angelica extract it helps to slow down the natural aging process, leaving skin firm and tight.

My under eye area becomes very soft and you can feel that the skin becomes firm and tight for sure. Removes the dark circles, that’s why I don’t need to use concealer any more for daily basis or a foundation, because finally my skin looks all day long fresh, moisturized, and has a healthy glow. The result is thanks to these 3 key players in a mornings and of course my evening routine as well!

Keep updated for my evening routine to see what had made my face skin to recover and look healthy!

Here are the websites for all these 3 products:
Natura Estonica- Sophora Japonica Face Serum here
Organic Kitchen- Wake Up Moisturising Face Cream here
DR. Konopka’s regenerating eye cream here

Thank you for reading and talk to you soon ❤


Biok Labaratorija / English- Lithuanian text


It’s always so nice to receive the newest products in a market firstly and to try it. I’m a big fan and supporter of Lithuanian brands and products- and especially when it’s really an amazing quality.

Pasakykite kas nemėgsta išbandyti produktų dar pries jiems pasirodant rinkoje? Manau tikrai, kad visi 🙂 Ne išimtis ir aš. Tikrai labai apsidžiaugiau kai gavau el. paštą su žinute, kad laukčiau staigmenos iš kurjerio! O ypač, kai gyvenu užsienyje. Tas toks namų ilgesys iš karto užlieja mano širdį. Esu tikrai labai laiminga, kad Lietuvos produkcija yra aukščiausio lygio, gali drąasiai konkuruoti su grožio gigantais visame pasaulyje. Continue reading “Biok Labaratorija / English- Lithuanian text”

Morning routine with Mixa


Po kelių savaičių bandymo Mixa produkcijos, noriu pasakyti, kad likau labai nustebinta. Pradėsiu nuo Micelinio vandens jautriai ir reaktyviai odai. Šis valomasis vanduo itin gerai nuvalo makiažą, o ypač akių tušą kas man labai patiko. Palyginimui galiu pasakyti, kad šis valomasis vanduo man patiko labiau nei Garnier micelinis vanduo.

Jei kalbėti apie sudedamąsias dalis, tai labai pasijautė, kad yra pantenolio. Veidas iš karto tampa nuramintas ir neparaudes. Drąsiai rekomenduoju ir manau,kad visos liksite patenkintos 🙂


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Natūrali Nimfės kosmetika

Kvapas, tekstūra bei įpakavimas- viskas natūralu ir paprasta, tačiau tuo pačiu metu kažkas išskirtinio. Visa tai rasite Nimfės kosmetikoje.

Pradėsiu nuo natūralaus Kanapių muilo-šveitiklio. Labai lengvo kvapo kurį greičiausiai sudaro žalioji arbata. Besiprausiant jaučiasi kanapių sėklos kurios ir nušveičia negyvąsias odos ląsteles ir oda ištikrūjų tampa labai švelni.  Galite drąsiai naudoti ir veidui. Tačiau rekomenduočiau naudoti šį muilą veidui tik tada jei nenaudojote veido kaukės.

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L’oreal nude magique


Weather is getting hotter and hotter, so I have decided to make a “holidays”  for my face as well. No more heavy foundations, highlighters, blushes, powders and etc! 

My new top for this summer is L’oreal Nude Magique. I have bought a blur cream which makes instantly the face so soft and flawless.  You can use it after a BB cream or before. I use it before, kind of like the primer. It makes the pores less visable and evens out skin surface. Very nice feeling and more nicer to use it! The micro-blur technology concentrated with light reflectors delivers an optical blurring effect.

As my face is more into the redness, I have bought a  CC cream. It transforms into foundation and looks so nice and natural on a face! It has SPF 20 so it fits perfect for the summer time and of course, ads some color to your face (i’m very used to the foundations) so I liked it a loooot! Very nice nude look afterwords. 

Last but not least is a BB concealer. It has a roll on applicators which is the best thing what can it be to relax the eye bags! It is cold so then you apply the concealer it just relax your skin. The concealer is enriched with caffein which makes the eye bags look much more fresher.  

It is universal shade which adapts every skin tone! 
Definitely my new top for this summer!


With Love,

Zuzka cosmetics


Slovakian natural cosmetics called “Zuzka“. Something new, a little bit different and most importantly natural. 

Let’s start from eyeshadows. I have a color named taupe. Very intense and interesting shade I would say. A little bit sparkling after you apply on your eyes. What I don’t like is that half of the face, later on has some “leftovers” from the eyeshadows. In other words, it crumbles a lot…  But if you put a tissue or something else on you face, to cover it, it would work perfectly!

The mascara, creates a very natural look. It is perfect for the days when you want just to sharpen your makeup just a little bit, or I would say for the days, when you want to use only a BB cream, lip balm and a bit of mascara. Very easy to remove! 

Thank you Zuzka one more time! 
With Love,




Dusty Girls is made by MooGoo- healthy and natural cosmetics. They have created the makeup that doesn’t damage the skin and looks natural and healthy. And I can agree with that! After applying Dusty Girls makeup, my face looked totally natural and it was hard to say that I had any makeup! And of course the packing… OMG! After I opened the box I was so delighted. Pastel summerish colours, each item is placed in separate boxes which makes to look very cute. But let’s start from the beginning.


Earth Cream- it is a BB cream and a foundation together. It covers very well and you need just a small drop for the whole face. I have a medium shade, so it fits perfectly for me. It covers any blemishes and even out skin tone. It is perfect for a daily use, because it has UV protection and some acne fighting ingredients. I use it on may OFF days, then I go for a shopping or have a short working day.  I felt that my skin was moisturized and looking healthy. That is what is most important. ❤️


Natural Mineral Foundation Powder- I have a medium shade as well. Very light and weightless. It has some shimmering as well, which makes the face look absolutely finished. Looks very nice on a sun due to the shimmer and gives some playful effect. Combining the cream and this powder, you can get a super clear, healthy and fresh results!

And of course using it with Kabuki Brush, powder distributes evenly. The brush is so soft and makes a nice feeling on a face and a body, keeping in mind that it is not with animal hair!


Night Fall Mascara- it is completely different mascara comparing with the rest I have. After applying first time, I could say already that it is a natural mascara. It is perfect to use for creating a natural or beach look. Your eyelashes just shows their natural beauty and no “extra black drama” on your face. It contains acacia gum, so it is easy to remove, actually it just rubs off as the day goes on. It has also Jojoba Oil, which is super healthy for the skin and lashes, and makes application a breeze.
Perfect to have in a summer! If you will be camping or having any holidays, trips and etc. it is a perfect thing to have in your purse, because you will not need to have a makeup remover!


Last but not least, Argyle Pink Lip Shine- first then I saw it, I thought that it will be a very strong colour, but after I applied it, it was so soft and nice, that now I have it always in my purse with all the lipsticks and balms (I have maybe 7 different ones always with me 😀 ) It actually moisturized my lips and gave a super nice  and soft shine. You can use it as a lip balm or as a lipstick!

All in all, I am very happy with DUSTY Girls Cosmetics and I know that in my future I will use it for sure! and of course it is a perfect present for yourself or your friends!   You can order all the makeup here

Strongly advice!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Daniella from MooGOO for a very nice collaboration ❤

With Love,