My favorites for Winter time

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The most wonderful time of the year… and of course it’s December, when everybody starts caring more about other people, shares love and kindness. Even though it’s only because of Christmas spirit, I still love it.

Want to share with you my favorites for this time of the year. Luminous face, dark red lips, bright eyes and soft hands- it’s all what I love for winter.

Let’s start with the face.

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For my foundation, I’m using Maybelline Fit Me Luminous + Smooth foundation in colour 220. Very pigmented for medium to full coverage. I love how natural it looks on my face and it’s not a matte finish.  Definitely face has more luminosity and is perfect for day and night. To brighten up I’m using True Match Concealer from Loreal in colour 4.N Beige. Very easy to apply, brightens up my under eyes area and also covers all the imperfections. More about it you can read Here as I wrote a full review about it. To finish up and settle the foundation and concealer, I add a little bit of Loreal True Match Minerals Skin-Improving Foundation in colour 4.D/4.W Golden Natural. You can use it alone if you want to have a super natural look for every day, or use it as a powder to set up your makeup as I do. It keeps the shine on your face and so you won’t get a matte finish (what I love !), but fix the foundation very well. Same as for concealer, you can read more about it Here and also check the matte finish powder.

For my eyes

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My all time favorite Diorshow Maximizer 3D Triple Volume-Plumping Lash Primer, it’s my 4th or 5th already and I guess I will never exchange it to something else. It not only makes the lashes ready for applying mascara, but gives a lot of volume and curl. But due to the Pure White TM Complex after 8 weeks of using it, your natural lashes has more volume and curl itself. I feel like doesn’t matter what mascara I apply after this primer it simply looks fascinating! So following for mascara, currently my favorite is False Lashes Concentrate Curling Top Coat Mascara from KIKO. You can use it alone as a mascara, or you can use it as a top coat on any other mascara. (so many times was said mascara! :D) It has a curled brush, which makes application even more easier. So every time I use these 2 heroes, my lashes looks long, curled, with lots of volume but still natural.

And my two favorite shades for the lips this month is

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Super Stay Matte Ink from Maybelline. You can read more about it Here

A classic red in a shade 20 Pioneer and a darker one, more like a bordo in a shade 50 Voyager. These two colours are simply perfect for winter time.

TIP: after applying it, don’t touch your lips until is fully dry, otherwise you will have empty spots on your lips with no colour left. So give a few minutes to dry it out fully.

I use them almost every single day to work or going out and now couldn’t imagine myself  not having them in my bag.

Last but not lest in my new favorite hand cream

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My mum bought it for me the minute it was released as I am crazy about passion fruits and of course it’s in a pink colour and it’s from IKONA. I’m quite sure that you can get it only in Lithuania, but if you have a chance, definitely get it. The same as my lipsticks, this one is not leaving my bag! It makes my hands so smooth and moisturized that I can’t stop using it. It has olive and almond oil, goji berry extract and glycerin.  Actually would be a perfect Christmas present!

And that’s it, all my favorites for this time. Hope you enjoyed reading it and will find it helpful for your next trip for makeup shopping!

With Love,


News from Maybelline and L’oreal

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Hello guys! And I’m finally back again here!

Sitting in my lounge, having a cup of tea with an apple pie, which I baked just a minute ago. Couldn’t be more cozier for a cold November evening. And that’s why I wanted to share my ideas and opinion about these new products which went viral all other the social media.

Let’s start with Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink. I got 8 beautiful new colours and was super excited to try it out. My favorites are 15 Lover, 20 Pioner,10 Dreamer and 50 Voyager.  It was a love from the first sigh. Very good consistency and comfortable applicator.And most importantly it doesn’t dry out your lips as over matte lipsticks!
The colour stays for HOURS! If you apply it in the morning before you leave home, you will still have the colour on your lips by the time you will go for your lunch break! Couldn’t it be more fascinating?! With the darker colour, yes, it’s a bit tricky to remove it, but use your mascara remover and you will be fine. Don’t use creamy make up removers for dark shades unless you want to spend some more time in front of the mirror! 😀
To conclude, very good product, definitely would recommend it and the colour range is amazing for autumn/winter!

Next one is Master Blush Color and Highlighting Palette. I would say very Autumn’ish palette, due to the colour range. The highlighters are absolutely fantastic! Very pigmented and not applies very easily, and the blushers I tap just a little bit on my cheeks,  to add some tone and make the hole make up more natural. If you are not a big fan of blushes, then I’m not sore if it’s smart to buy the whole palette, just because of the highlighters, but I would definitely recommend at least to try it in a store and see if you like. At least me, I would recommend it for sure!

Next beauties are from L’oreal. My favorites are True Match Minerals FoundationTwo are skin improving foundations and the 3rd is mattifying powder. If you like very very natural looking make-up then these 2 mineral foundations are up to your street. I’m not a big fan of matt skin, so I will give the mattifying powder to my mum, but it definitely does a great job!

I’m a big fan of concealers, so to try the newest L’oreal True Match The One was more than exciting. It is quite pigmented, but doesn’t make your skin look too “Cakey” whish is cool. I use in 2 tones, one lighter and one darker. With the darker shade I cover all the spots and with the lighter tone I highlight and brighten.

Last but not least is Paradise Extatic Mascara. First what I wanna say is WOW! It gives definitely a lot of volume and length (my own lashes are long and curly enough, so I don’t use lash curler). If you have very thin and straight lashes, I don’t know if you will like it, but for the thicker lash owners, would really suggest to try it! Some of the bloggers said that they didn’t liked it, but I would say don’t use too much product! For me it was much better than Dior Pump’n’Volume or Better Than Sex mascara, so obviously it’s completely different from person to person. But I personally liked it a lot.
Might sound strange, but I love all of these products. It’s a great quality, friendly prices and super comfortable packaging and design (especially mineral powders!)

Thank you for reading and talk to you soon!
With Love,

High-school habits and moisturized lips.

One more short post for the evening readings. As I wrote so many times in my previous posts, it is so important to take a good care of your lips.

Actually, when the Baby Lips was something wow for all the blogger and vloggers, I was pretty skeptical about it. Normally, I don’t like to try or share my experience when everybody is talking about it. Don’t know why, still have this habit  from the high-school times, that if somebody is wearing the same clothes, shoes or accessories as I am wearing that moment, I feel soooo bad! Was going home to change the look or try not to be with that person together. 😀

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Today’s makeup

Sun is shinning, early morning, I can hear a lovely music from the birds so I have decided to make my makeup sunny as well❤️

Have a look what I was using today!

My new love for moisturizing the skin is a day cream with avocados  from Marmozel. More about this brand I will write in my next post.

HR queen sexy black mascara, good for daily using,but as I wrote before ready nothing special. 

YSL matt touch foundation/cover. I use it only on a cheeks, gives a bit darker colour, so don’t need to use a lot of bronzer.

My forgotten and favorite eye- shadows colour Steel Magnolias from Too Faced. 

Soooo good! Easy to apply, last for 24hours, beautiful palette and colours! ❤️ I like everything from Too Faced brand. Packing and appearance is excellent!  

As a lipstick today I am using Too Faced Mood Swing. I wrote about it before that it changes a colour on your lips depending on your mood! From pinkish white to a petal pink ❤️

Last but not least, Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner. Very soft and I like that it’s not too watery, who likes to make cat eyes, you should try this one as well 😊

Hope you liked!

With Love,

Enrika ❤️ 

Train essentials

I am taking a train almost every day to reach my work. Without these essentials it would be pretty hard. As all of us know- in women’s bag you can find everything. Here is my top of today.


Innocent juice- mango and orange taste- my favorite! It’s never concentrated and it is a blend of 9 oranges and 3/4 of a crushed mango.

Of course many lipsticks and balms. These 3 are my TOP ones. The Body Shop lip balm smells heavenly and softens your lips instantly. Another Too Faced lip gloss is changing color according to your mood! Isn’t it cool?! It can be from the icy pink to the raspberries pink. And one of the new lip glosses I have, it is Maybelline Colorama nothing special, last maximum for 1 hour but it is always a good idea to have some extra things in your purse!:)

The next one is Chanel powder Les Beiges, No 40. I used it more as a blush. Actually nothing special but at least it last for almost the whole day.

Of course my pink notebook and a book to kill a time in the train;)
As well I cannot travel without any body moisturizer. Today I had from St. Tropez tan optimizer body moisturizer. It does not give any color but it smells nice and softens your skin a lot!

The last but not least my Chloe clutch. Sometimes I use it as my mini wallet, sometimes as a purse for my cosmetics.

Write your thoughts and comments below :))


And here is the time to make a short reviews about my last post.
It is always nice to get something, but not always it fits to your skin.

Let’s start from the biggest pros that can be:)


It is absolutely amazing! You can feel the difference already after 1st time of using it. My hair has never been so soft and it smells adorable. And it is very easy to use. Just wash your hair and put this masque on clean and wet hair for 7 minutes and then rinse it!
Definitely recommend for everyone who has dry or damaged hair.
Do not use it for more than once a week.

Second product which was pretty good it a Sally Hansen xtreem wear nail polish.


Just one con, do not use any base coat, or it will be hard to make a nice nails. It last long and shine like with the gel polish.

Cons. Sadly, but I was very disappointed.


It is not so intense color as it “supposed” to be. And it is more blurry than intense.
It last for a longer time, but it is also pretty hard to wash it up.

Sisley Cosmetics I definitely like, I just chose a wrong shade , that is probably why I have not liked it so much, but there are some pro’s: it is really light and comfortable on my skin and it moisturize a lot!