Yellow, denim and some sparkle

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Today want to start by saying this quote : ‘Kindness is free. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere.’ I found it on Pinterest and it inspired me from the early morning. It’s so easy to be a good person, to help your friends, neighbors or simply random people if they need you. Sometimes small things can change and turn around your whole life. And I truly believe in karma, so please, let’s make this world better (even if it sounds quite lame, but still).

So talking about the outfit, yesterday I was attending my friends birthday and of course I needed to take some pictures next to the yellow wall! 🙂 Most likely all the bloggers and instagramers feels addicted to the yellow or blue or green walls/doors as it makes the pictures so nice! So hope you enjoy this post and have a lovely day! ❤

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Dress- S.O’liver
Denim Jacket- D&G
Shoes- Stan Smith by Adidas

Hope you enjoyed this short Sunday post and I’m heading to buy some groceries for our dinner and watch some movies with my boyfriend.
Don’t forget to share your kindness, positive vibes and always smile!



Sunny Autumn


A cup of coffee, colorful leaves and a music in my headphones. This is why I love autumn. You feel so cozy, relaxed and full of energy.  The last two weekends I was travelling (keep checking for a future post from Italy) and of course I shoot many outfit pictures. This time, very casual and daily. Hope you will like it ❤

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I know that lately I make the  posts to rare, but trust me. I am trying my best. It is so hard to find the right time when you are working full time, having a boyfriend and lots of things to do at home. As my favorite autumn is here already, I will try to do it on a weekly basis or you can always see my daily pictures on my instagram profile @worldbyenrika



It was amazing to travel with my love for the last two weeks together. Being only two of us, exploring new places, laughing and eating delicious food. It is called Quality Time. Really recommend to do it at least for a few days. You will feel the difference so fast of how you become happier together and forget the routine in a past.


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Write in a comments your ideas for a future post. And for now, I can give you a small hint what will be soon on my blog: Outfit pictures from Venice, News from Maybelline, New Autumn recipes and much more.

Shirt- Ralph Lauren
Jeans- Pieces

Bag- Chanel Boy
Shoes- All Star 
Watch- Fossil
Sunglasses- So Real by Dior



Beautiful pastel wedding look.

Welcome back to my blog, my Dears! ❤

I’m still in a holiday mood and every day thinking of how I will go back (already next month). Want to share some memories and pictures from our friends wedding. It was SO SO SO beautiful. I was crying a few times from happiness and that beauty around me. Continue reading “Beautiful pastel wedding look.”

Wedding Guest Outfits. Which one is the best?



So many friends are getting married this summer and autumn, that is crazy! But much more crazier is a headache to find the right outfits. It will be my first weddings when I am not a kid any more, and have to look appropriate. But here is the question. What is the appropriate outfit?  Is it the one our grandmothers thinks, celebrities or ours heart and style knowledge.  Continue reading “Wedding Guest Outfits. Which one is the best?”

March diary: Day 5-6. Ellie Goulding, chillax weekend and time for my self.

This weekend I was gone from my blog, and as it was a weekend, I will combine two days in one post (the same will be the next week as well). I just hope that will do it on Sunday’s, so the memories would be still super fresh.


My morning started super motivated, we planned to go with my friend for yoga and swimming pool have some girly time (I know, I promised this on my previous post), but on her way to the fitness, she called me and said that she won’t make it because of the doggy. She needed to take the dog to the doctor. Everything is good now, so no worries!  Continue reading “March diary: Day 5-6. Ellie Goulding, chillax weekend and time for my self.”

Make a birthday wish 

Thank you my loves for so many birthday wishes!! ❤️ I feel pleased ❤️  I know that all the wishes will come true! Such a good feeling to know that someones remember you on this special day and that you are not alone, that you are important for someone.

Want to share my days pictures❤️ I had a cozy dinner with my boyfriend, and this Friday I am meeting with my friends to make a blast night!

Continue reading “Make a birthday wish “

My loveliest October

Everybody who knows me, can say that October is something amazing for me. I become completely different person. This cold and sunny weather, beautiful trees, a cup of coffee in a park, love- that’s me ❤️

My first autumn outfit is super simply, business-like look.

Continue reading “My loveliest October”

Where the girls meet? (Pictures)


Few weeks ago, I was attending one of the biggest Danish bloggers- blog relaunch party. So much girly stuff:  balloons, donuts, sushi, mini burgers, marshmallows and drinks. And especially a lot of new people and amazing view. Have a look at the pictures! 😍

P.s. I was wearing a silk/satin dress from Charlotte Eskildsen- Designer’s remix.

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City Sport fashion

Want to share with you this super awesome set from Romwe Fashion

The material is super soft, light and nice- perfect for summer. So you can feel that your skin is breathing! 


I was so glad when I opened the parcel and saw these clothes! Romwe really made my morning. Just those shiny golden stickers on a top are not holding so well, but still I’m very happy with what I received ❤️

You can order it here Romwe


The delivery was super fast. I received the parcel within a week, and it was packed super nicely! 

Want to say again a big thank you Romwe for collaborating and making my wardrobe even fuller! 😀 

Definitely recommend to try and order from their website. And actually it was a good idea to take a one size bigger in case it would be too small. 

P.s.  Bag and Shoes – Aldo


With Love,

W7 cosmetics

Every girls likes cosmetics, that is absolutely normal and then the girl gets a nice package full of cosmetics  the day becomes even better! 

W7 cosmetics has been found 10 years ago and only half a year ago I have tried for my very first time! The quality is actually sooo good (keeping in mint that it is a budget makeup brand). It can be reviewing with Clarins or MAC. Because it is super good!


Let’s start from the eyeshadows palette. 

It got smashed a bit in the envelope but still it makes a perfect work in my daily makeup routine! The shades are perfect for my lifestyle. It can go mostly with all my clothes and accessories so that is pretty good! 🙂 

They blended very easily and do not crumble. It is really important for me, because after you make your skin to look perfect with foundation and concealers and after using the eyeshadows it’s just ruined.. So with W7 everything is in the places 😀   


My top lipstic of this season! Seriously.  A perfect raspberries colour, last really long, no need to apply many times. I have it always in my purse ❤️ so summerish and beautiful!

Brow twister! That’s an amazing brows pen! I got a dark brown shade which fits perfectly. Very easy to apply and stays for the whole day! It is enough creamy for making a good colour 😍 

I want to say big Thank You to all W7 team for making my makeup look adorable! I felt in love with this brand and look forward for trying this cosmetics later ❤️

Pssstt.. Here is my makeup with W7 


With Love

Enrika ❤️