Privet Moscow. Part I

And finally we are here in Moscow, Russia. We landed yesterday noon with the biggest hangover ever after the Easter lunch which we had with our friends, so we needed some time and food to recover and feel fresh again! 

Today was incredible! We visited the Red Square, Arbat street, GUM, and one more shopping centre.

You know, every time I was seeing this place in a pictures I dream about my own posing in front of it. And today was the day, when finally I made it. It was incredible cold, windy and worth every single frozen minute! 

Shopping centee GUM, is like the most fashionable and expensive place I have ever seen in my life. If you want to get last year collection with a double price from the designer store- go there. But in general, the whole atmosphere, decorations, music and people creates the mood where you want to swipe your Visa so many times! 🙂


When my Mother was the same age as I at the moment, she got her portrait painted by the street artist in Arbat, Moscow. So this time it was my time to continue the tradition and do the same. Hopefully my daughter will have the possibility to continue it. It was surprisingly cheap, ~ 17€  

If you are ever in Moscow be careful of these bunnies or any other kind of characters. They run to you, start huging and talking friendly, asking to take a picture together, but in the end asks for some money for the coffee or tea 😂 

Amazingly beautiful Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, not far from the city centre. It’s lile the Italian Vatican but just in Moscow. So so so breath taking, we lighted up some candles for our families and friends as well. You can buy it inside the cathedral.

And of course, ended up with delicious dinner and vine at the restaurant. What is amazing in this country, that you can find all kinds of kitchen and food. Everybody will find something for their taste and their budget.

That was it for now, tomorrow will be an exciting day and follow me on instagram to see my daily stories so you can “travel” with me together! @ worldbyenrika




Finally Spring in Copenhagen

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My dear, Readers!

And it happened again, I was gone for so long, but trying my best to find some time and make a new post on a blog. A lot of you are following me on Instagram, so they know what I do and etc. So if you don’t want to miss anything, follow me on Instagram @worldbyenrika 

Without further due, want to say that I am so so happy that finally we have a warm weather in Copenhagen. To wake up and see a sunrise through my bedroom window is simply fantastic! Do you also have the same feeling that when is sunny, you are in a better mood and have much more energy to do all kind of different things?
Write me in a comments bellow what is the best way to boost your energy level!

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Skirt- Zara    Blouse- Zara   Sneakers- NMD Adidas   Sunnies- Aldo   Bag- Chanel 

This time want to share some pictures of Copenagen and a classy/sporty look which stayed casual as well. We have been walking for so long, that it was a smart decision to wear the MOST comfortable sneakers ever in my life, which are NMD’s. If you have a chance buy it or at least try it. After that feeling you will never want to switch them to another shoes.

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And that’s it for today, I will be back on Thursday with another outfit look, and have to rush and start getting ready for the Ballet at Det Kongelige Teater! Will do live on my Instagram, so don’t forget to check it out here !

Enrika ❤