Weekend pampering with Natura Siberica

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And finally it’s Saturday! Lately days are passing so fast, that sometimes I need to check up on my calendar to realize what week day is it. After my holidays in Moscow, I found so many good products, that continued buying it in Europe as well. One of them are the products from Natura Siberica. As I have a very sensitive skin and have loads of allergies, Natura Siberica fits my skin very well.

Let’s start with a shower gel. It’s called Polar Blueberry – Beauty shower gel. It’s a tribute to Scandinavian purity and the power of nature in Siberia. This collection blends plants with unique vital properties that survive in harsh climatic regions. Which is perfect for Scandinavia, as we have a very strong wind here and it’s nice to protect and moisturize my skin well enough. It contains lots of vitamins, essential oils which hydrates and moisturizes skin. And most importantly it’s natural and has a very soft and delicate scent.

For my hair I bought Strengthening Shampoo for weak hair with organic milk of Tuva yak and honey. What I liked most of it, that it’s in a glass bottle which adds much more luxury rather than a plastic package, very simple and minimal branding on a bottle and has a delicate scent, ehich reminds me of SPA. It’s a very thick shampoo, that’s why you won’t need to use a lot of the product. Yak milk is 3 times thicker than a cow milk which is super beneficial for your scalp and hair. It becomes nourished after a first wash already and honey energize the hair, which gives much more natural shine.

Do you have the same issue as I do, that you buy so many body lotions, but you never end up any of it? This time it was completely different. I’m almost done with 180ml in 2 months and unfortunately I’m not able to re-purchase it in Europe, or I still haven’t found where I can buy it again. It is Phyto- milk for the body. In general Phyto-milk is is a valuable product rich in vitamins A, D, and E which hydrates deeply your skin. As it has Beeswax as well, it moisturize your skin a lot and protects from dryness. And what I like most of it, that it smells sooooo good and my skin feels like I just had a milk bath- so nourished, sooth and delicate. That’s what I call a real pampering evening- but unfortunately I almost used everything of it, so need to go to Moscow again and buy 4-5 of it!

Last but not least is a travel size Oblepikha Hand Cream. It’s perfect for every day use if you have a sensitive and dry skin. Sea-Buckthorn cream butter amaranth oil will provide daily nouirishing and deep moisturizing for you skin, BUT it has a specific scent, which honestly I’m not a fan of it. But if you need to moisturize your hands it is a perfect cream. I think it will be amazing for a winter time, when it gets colder or on a long flight when your skin gets dryer, because cranberry oil nourishes skin with essential vitamins and it has a healing effect which is perfect to protect your skin from harmful environment.

So that was it, hope you liked it and if you know where I can order again with body milk p-l-e-a-s-e let me know! I really need it in my life and will be crying when I use the last drop of it.

Go and enjoy your weekend, but don’t forget to pamper yourself!




Pamper Day!


Don’t forget to reward yourself every now and then. A little bit of self pampering never hurt anyone. 

I started my post by this quote because I had a pamper day! My boyfriend left for a business trip to Stockholm, so it was the best time to chill, walk at home with a face mask, did my nails and etc.

Tomorrow I have an important day, so need to look sharp and chick. Will blow dry my hair, do a kind of natural/glowish chick make up look amd still thinking of what to wear.  Continue reading “Pamper Day!”

MYE Kosmetik


MYE Kosmetik product development is based on the latest scientific findings regardless of short-term trends. Each component and substance and its effect is tested on a molecular level and by many users. Sophisticated cosmetic solutions – made in Germany- are the result.

I have tried 4 different creams and in overall, I really enjoyed and liked. The skin was moisturized so well and the luxury smell made my day and night just incredible. And now shortly about each of them.

  1. Beautiful day– very light and soft, not too watery. The skin feels firmer and smoother and in the beginning I thought that I had some kind of second layer. Already after 24 hours I could see the difference on my face. Lighten, brighten and much firmer.  15ml- 30€
  2. Brilliant eyes–  smooth and good consistence cream. I was applying every evening before I went to sleep, and the next morning I could see already, that the eyes area looked so bright and the skin had the right tone. Even after the long day and just a few hours off sleep, my face looked totally fresh and ready for the next day! I liked it a lot.   15ml- 45€
  3. Relaxing night– for me it is very hard to find the right night cream, but this one was the right one for my face. In the beginning it was a strange feeling, that I have some kind of mask on my face, but the results in the morning there stunning! Smooth, relaxed and firmed. It is definitely in my wishlist! 15ml- 30€
  4. Precious skin–  for hand and decollete care.  Hands felt very smooth and soft, but only for the first half an hour. Later I had a feeling that I have to use it one more time, because the moisturizing was not lasting for long. BUT for decollete it was much better. Like all the other creams it was firmed so well that I was very pleasant surprised.  75ml- 40€

Definitely, I would recommend to try it, It is worth every cent! Packing was very nice and the delivery very fast 🙂

You can read more about MYE Kosmetik here

I want to say big THANK YOU for letting me to try it and to fall in love with this brand ❤

With Love,