All about the silky hands and hair!

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Do you know the feeling when you are really happy about the product you are using? This time I want to say that I am so happy (never was so excited about the drug store products!) that want to buy for all my friends and family members to see how good it is and I will repurchase every single of it for many more times for sure.

Let’s start with the hand soap. Firstly, let me say that I have never thought that there will be a day when I will write in my blog about the hand soap! Haha, sounds hilarious. First time I tried this hand soap at my boyfriends parents house. I was so surprised about the silky feeling, cherry scent- which stays on a hands for a few hours and most importantly that it is a Lithuanian product made by Margarita! It is so creamy and moisturizing. The cherry extract protects your hands from every day environmental damage and milk proteins moisture the skin and stimulates cell regeneration.

If you have a chance- try it! You won’t be unsatisfied ❤

Continuing the topic about the silky hands, simply a MUST HAVE is a hand cream. Especially when a weather is pretty cold, you have to moisturise them more often than usually, to keep them nice and protected.  I was a big Dove fan before, but not super crazy about their products. Until I found this hand cream. After I bought the first tube, on my next day I went back to the store and purchased 2 more! 🙂 It’s even better that a body oil from goodness series, can you imagine?! All my colleagues at work already tried it, I mean I persisted them to try it, because is freaking amazing! It leave your skin luminous and silky. You just want to touch the hands more and more. Skin feels like you just had a few hours of SPA, but the reality is that you use it every day and everywhere you go. You simply cannot stop of applying more and more…

Last, but not least is 3 Miracle Oil from Aussie. It is a lightweight oil treatment for dry and damaged hair. I tried so many different hair treatments, serums and oils. This one became one of my top hair oils ( let’s not forget Biosilk). It consists of Australian macadamia nut oil, australian jojoba seed oil and avocado oil. All the key ingredients to have the flawless hair are together in one bottle. You need just 1-3 pumps on your palms, massage it and apply directly to your hair. It can be used on a dry or wet hair. Leaves a soft scent which lasts for all day. Especially I love applying it on the splits, so you can see the difference immediately.

Will repurchase every single of them for many more times for sure! Let me know if you have tried it and what are your opinions!



New hair care routine.Easy way to have smooth and silky hair

Every women dreams, loves and wants to have a silky, smooth and strong hair. Of course I’m not an exception. At the moment I am taking an extra care for my hair and want to share my experience and literally one of the best products I’m using at the moment, which made my hair look healthier and feel silky.

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March Diary: Day 4. Time for myself and day off from the gym

Goodmorning, Dears!

I’m so in hurry to make a Day 4 post, as yesterday I was too busy to do it. And in a few hours I’m going to a yoga session with my friend. We need some girls time, where you can talk in a swimming pool and just relax.

So my morning started by getting a strawberry- banana- pineapple smoothie. On top I added some chia seeds as it is the best one for making your body much cleaner.

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Fresh up your hair

Hey guys!

I have missed you already ❤️ Today will be a short post, cause we will focus on a video.

A few days ago, I made a video of how to do a super fast kind of “blow dry” look. Using only one thing (see pic bellow). It took me around 15minutes. If you have completely wet hair, then I’m doing for around 25minutes.

So, as a heat protector I was using Loreal Studio Line Hot&Go, ideal for blow dry.

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How to curl your hair in 10 minutes- Youtube

Hi Loves,

Today I have made my very first video for youtube! I’m feeling so excited about it. Still need to learn so much about the applications for cutting a video, to find the best place im my apartment for recording and much more.

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