Summer rain

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Good morning everybody! This year it’s really difficult to get a proper summer weather, as most of the time is raining and for me it feels more like a spring or early autumn.
But I can’t complain too much, because I woke up quite early, made myself a cup of coffee and currently sitting in my terrace in front of the sun and writing this post. You can see more of my daily life on my instagram stories ( @worldbyenrika ).

But today I want to remember a very bright and colorful outfit, which wasn’t the most appropriate outfit for the rainy afternoon, but wanted to look pretty anyways! 🙂
I chose a shiny golden loafers from H&M,  the same as a cross bag. Denim jacket from D&G, skirt from COS and a white blouse from Twin Set.

My current mood and goal is to stop wearing sneackers so often and jeans, and start wearing more skirts, dresses, pretty blouses and some ind of heels. Need to get back to my normal shape and get back on track with buying more high heels and pretty things.

Have a lovely Friday and talk to you soon!
Enrika xx


Happy International Women’s day! 

With our day, dear Ladies! Remember who you are every day. We are women’s – strong, confident, powerful, smart, beautiful and we have shown a world who we are. By having the right to study, work, travel and express our opinions. If we are all together (let’s stop doing our girly fights and stay sophisticated!) we are amazing!
So enjoy, smile, share your kindness and smile, be elegant and truly love yourself and others Cheers! 😘

With Love,

Long time no see. Changes in life, look and new wishlist!

Hello my beautiful friends! I was gone for so many weeks, but now will tell you everything. So many changes happening in my life at the moment! Don’t know if the pictures will be according by the date, but will try my best.



Going to start with my new hairstyle. As you remember I was having a red hair for a while, maybe 6 months or something like that. But after a while I got bored with that and decided to change it into ‘Ombre’ look. Continue reading “Long time no see. Changes in life, look and new wishlist!”

Oh you Sunday!

Lovely Sunday is here! For me is the day, when you don’t want to do anything important. Just relax, stay with your loved ones, in general just to have a cozy time.. When you are making lunch/dinner at the same time watching a movie or listening music, taking pictures and etc.

In general, this weekend was one of the best. My boyfriend made it perfect ❤ Want to share some pictures from my TOP 5 Continue reading “Oh you Sunday!”

Steel Garden

Steel Garden hand cream from &Other Stories- makes your hands so soft and moisturized, that you want to apply it again and again! ❤️ It is described as Petals swept in a silver haze revealing hints of forever floral. 

And it is actually! My hands smells like a flowers, and then you close the eyes, you disappear in summer, surrounded by flowers, bees, grass and a blue sky…

Continue reading “Steel Garden”

Make a birthday wish 

Thank you my loves for so many birthday wishes!! ❤️ I feel pleased ❤️  I know that all the wishes will come true! Such a good feeling to know that someones remember you on this special day and that you are not alone, that you are important for someone.

Want to share my days pictures❤️ I had a cozy dinner with my boyfriend, and this Friday I am meeting with my friends to make a blast night!

Continue reading “Make a birthday wish “

Office decor


As September is almost here, school and work will start so soon. Want to share with you some decor inspiration how to create the best atmosphere while you are working. Keep it clean and simple, I always love to have some flowers on my desk, small stickers for the notes and some cute things around me. Enjoy!


All the pictures are from Pinterest ❤️

With Love,


Beautiful morning ❤️


First of all, I want to Thank you all for following my blog. We reached more than 1450 followers! I am so happy ❤️ Without your support and reading I wouldn’t reach it.

So I want to start the morning with a cozy atmosphere, some coffee, butterflies and flowers.. I want to feel Spring so badly that I even don’t wear so much black any more! 😄 keeping in mind, it’s my favorite colour 😊


I have never seen the coffee brewer in the bag! It was one of the presents for our house warming party. Actually, it is so comfortable and easy to use. You just have to open the bag, fill it up with boiling water and brew for 3-6 min. Voilia! Your coffee is ready! ☺️ Nevertheless, the bag is recyclable!


My new favorite cup from Miss Etoile . It is super fabulous, I like the design, and especially that it has my E letter ❤️ You can find loads of beautiful, girly, cozy things at their store. Have a look ☕️

I wish you all to have a beautiful and cozy day. Don’t worry about the problems if you have them, because nothing last forever! Keep smiling and the world will smile to you ❤️

With Love,

How to create a cozy room



Everyone wants to fell special at home. So let’s look :

  1. Flowers,flowers and flowers!


Put flowers everywhere! You will feel fresh, in a good mood and always cozy at home!

  2. A mix old with and new



  3. Bedroom Lighthing



  4. Have your own ‘corner’


  5. Cozy Desk




I hope that these tips will help you to create a cozy, calming bedroom ❤