Escape from the city and yourself. Part I

Sometimes, everybody needs to escape from the city, from the everyday rush, all the same faces or simply yourself.

I needed to do this as well, and the best thing was to take a train and visit my friends which I haven’t seen for a long time. I had the most incredible stay for a two days and would repeat more than hundred times again!

You know the feeling then everything is just too much. Too much of work, too much of handling stressful situations or staying at the same place for too long.  Continue reading “Escape from the city and yourself. Part I”


Cozy Copenhagen

Today we have decided that it’s enough of spending a weekend at home, and it’s time to go out during the daytime!

We started our day with delicious salmon rolls at home watching funny videos and laughing on a sofa. After that, it was time for some shopping in the mall.Sadly, couldn’t find anything nice for myself, only the super cool kind of Continue reading “Cozy Copenhagen”