Silk and gold

Dress- H&M/ Loafers- H&M/ Bag- H&M/ Cardigan- Next

Hello to everybody! I’m so happy that lately have more time to write here and I think you realized that as well by having my new blog post almost every second day. Jeeej ❤ 

So at the moment I’m waiting for the boarding to start to Vilnius, Lithuania. It won’t be like a normal holidays, because I have to do queit a lot of medical check-ups, but crossing fingers that everything will be good. 

This time, want to share my favorite for the moment dress. It’s a satin pastel blue dress, super light and easy to wear. I paired it with a golden loafers and a bright yellowish golden cross-bag. 

As in Denmark is still quite chill outside, even that it’s a mid of JULY already (crazy!!) you want to cover up with something to keep that coziness. 

And I think that’s it. Hope you liked it and got some inspiration for your next outfitt. I’m already waiting (again) to take off!  Next post will be already from Lithuania. Follow me on instagram (worldbyenrika) to see what I’m doing there ❤ 

With Love,



Yellow, denim and some sparkle

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Today want to start by saying this quote : ‘Kindness is free. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere.’ I found it on Pinterest and it inspired me from the early morning. It’s so easy to be a good person, to help your friends, neighbors or simply random people if they need you. Sometimes small things can change and turn around your whole life. And I truly believe in karma, so please, let’s make this world better (even if it sounds quite lame, but still).

So talking about the outfit, yesterday I was attending my friends birthday and of course I needed to take some pictures next to the yellow wall! 🙂 Most likely all the bloggers and instagramers feels addicted to the yellow or blue or green walls/doors as it makes the pictures so nice! So hope you enjoy this post and have a lovely day! ❤

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Dress- S.O’liver
Denim Jacket- D&G
Shoes- Stan Smith by Adidas

Hope you enjoyed this short Sunday post and I’m heading to buy some groceries for our dinner and watch some movies with my boyfriend.
Don’t forget to share your kindness, positive vibes and always smile!


Oscars! Best dressed

Today I will talk about the Oscars! First of all, congratulations Leonardo Di Caprio!! Finally you have the oscar, definitely deserve and it was your time.

Let’s head to my favorite outfits! Already now I can say, that house of Dior made a magnificent job!! I’m in love with all the dresses!  Continue reading “Oscars! Best dressed”

Linen dress


For today’s outfit I chose a linen handmade dress. I just love the design! ❤️  you can call it dress, you can call ot poncho, but definitely everyone will call it interesting. 


I have used it together with Hugo Boss suede leather belt to show the shape of my waist. 

Simple but at the same time different and elegant! 

What do your think? ❤️

With Love,


Art on material

Do you know the feeling then you see something what you really like and you know that it will fit you perfectly even without trying it? So here is my dress. I call it art on material.. It looks like it was painted with watercolor and a bit blurry, but I just adore it❤️ 

The silk feels so nice on the skin. It slides delightly then you put on the dress.. Mmmm… 

The dress is from Pulz Jeans. Sadly they have not so many butiques in Denmark, but every time I have an opportunity to shop there I feel happy! 😊 Every lady feels soooo good then we can spend some money for our wardrobe. Don’t you think so? 😍

Write your opinion and feel inspired! ❤️

With Love,