What is in my summer make up bag?

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Hello Loves!

First of all, I will try to make this blog post short, because I have a feeling that it might become way too long! 🙂 Today want to share with you my main make up which  I use during the summer. Some of the products are brand new for me but already beloved ones in my makeup bag ❤

If some of you doesn’t know, in my previous blog post I talked about my Morning Routine, and wrote that my skin never felt so good as it is at the moment, that’s why you won’t find any foundation in my make up bag any more, at least for now.

 To add some colour and brightness I use Loreal Glam Nude CC cream. It gives nice shade and covers any redness if I get during the day.  Very nice and light product, which you can also use as a primer for your foundation. But as it has some colour pigments I wear it alone.  On top of that, I add just a little bit of Insta Flawless skin tint from Rimmel. It’s brand new product in my make up bag, which I absolutely adore. Don’t know how well it primes (as you can also use it as a primer), but it gives a super natural and healthy glow for your skin and also perfects the skin colour. I have in a shade LIGHT MEDIUM 006. 

To brighten up a little bit my under eye are I use either Nude Magique BB Concealer from Loreal or Wake Me UP Anti-Fatigue Concealer from Rimmel. Loreal concealer it’s much lighter and it has a nice metallic bubble applicator, which calms your skim immediate and from Rimmel it has much more coverage and gives more luminous to your skin. Perfect concealer if you have dark circles, as it has some Vitamin C.

As for the bronzer, I’m currently using  Summer of Love from I ❤ Makeup, it reminds a lot to one of the heart bronzers from Too Faced, and can guarantee that the results are almost the same. So it’s a great dupe if you want to save up some money:) It has shimmer and some highlighter as well. Talking about highlighters, I still can’t stop using my all time favorite Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmers Kit. I wrote about it on my March favorites, so you can read more about it here. And one more highlighter which I use time to time is from Loreal- Face Illuminating Powder in colour Wild Glow. Also a very light product. Gives a nice golden glow to your skin and you can build it up for a stronger effect.

Talking about my eyebrows, I use 3 products. Very cheap but such a good quality that I can’t stop re-purchasing it. I start with the Eyebrow Gel (colour 01 brown) from Essence. You can shape and create a nice form of your eyebrows and also add some light colour to it. After I shape my brows, I use Eyebrow Stylist Set  (colour 01 natural brunette style) from Essence as well. It nicely fills up any empty spots and adds a stronger colour to it. And finally to sett everything I use Tinted Brow Mascara from NYX. So I know, that my eyebrows will stay in place trough the whole day.

Old time favorite mascara primer, which I re-purchased already 3 times is Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. No words needed for that- The Best and nothing will change it. For mascara currently I’m using The Classic Volume Express from Maybelline. I bought it in Moscow, and really liked it, so still using and enjoying my long and curved lashes. Good mascara, definitely worth to try!

Last but not least, are my favorite products for the lips. Ultra- Nourishing Lip Balm from Nuxe makes yors lips mega soft, it also has a bit of a strong scent of honey and some citrus, which can be a bit annoying for some of you. But a very good quality lip product, I also apply it every night before I go to sleep, so I know that my lips will be nourished during the night, and I will still feel that softness in a morning.  Another lip product I love is Lip Perfector from  YSL, you can wear it alone and have some nice natural glow on your lips, or wear it under your make up. It moisturizes, hydrates and makes the lip contour more visible. You can also use it instead of the lip liner for the day. And as a lip gloss I use Smooth Kiss, Glossy Lip Butter from VIctoria’s Secret. Smells like citrus vanilla and gives you a very nice and long lasting shine for your lips.

And I guess, that was it. All my favorite products from my make up bag, I use almost every day, if not all together at once at least some of it partly. Have you tried any of it? What are your ideas? Share your favorites on your instagram and tag me as @worldbyenrika would love to see what you like.

Thank you for reading and talk to you soon!




What is the best combo to have long and curled eyelashes?

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I was waiting for so long until I will have time to spread the word about the perfect eyelashes combo/secret! Few months ago I bought Diorshow Maximizer Lash plumping serum at Sephora and was quite satisfied with the final result (at that time I used Lancome Hypnose mascara on top). In the end of October I had a birthday party where all my beloved friends came to congrats me and of course I got a different bits and bops as a presents. One of the was a set of Marc Jacobs beauty, which contained this absolutely amazing mascara, ultra glittery mascara pen (it’s like the eye liner just for your eye lashes) and the gel eye crayon.

And what do you think? I was sooooo surprised by the result that it’s crazy!  I tried the mascara alone, it was pretty good, but the Dior lash serum made such a magic on my eye lashes that I was staring at the mirror for like 20 minutes 🙂

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 O!Mega Lash Volumizing mascara which is water-based formula makes your lashes look voluminous and the eyes pops, making such a big statement on your face. Nevertheless it has some good ingredients as well. Such as  ” It incorporates a special size-increasing blend of rice bran, bayberry, carob, and African acacia tree extracts for maximum lash-expanding impact. The essential oils deeply condition lashes, while vitamins B5 and C strengthen and hold them in place for even longer wear”. (sephora.com)

It looks luxurious in your makeup bag and does the perfect job.

If you tried the diorshow serum, you know hat I am talking about. It’s like a magic in your bag. You can also apply it as a serum and leave it overnight, so it would help to protect the lashes from falling off too often! 🙂

Hope you liked it and see you soon.


Dior nail care and beauty



Hello my beautiful friends! I was gone AGAIN and for a long time not writing any reviews or anything else. But you know, when you work full time and have some home stuff to do as well, there is simply no time to blog. Which is really sad, but all of us have to prioritize something. Right?

So today, I want to share Continue reading “Dior nail care and beauty”

Christian Dior vs. Golden Rose 

Is the brand name guarantees that the product will be as good as it is being advertised? Today I want to compare 2 lip glosses, one is from Christian Dior another from Golden Roses.
So, let’s start with CD.

Dior addict fluid stick, colour 754-pandore. First thing what comes into my mind  is that the lip gloss is very smooth and has a foamy texture. Easy to apply and super rich colour. It is a long-wearing lipgloss, so you don’t have to re-correct so often, but be sure that you do not apply to much! Because of the texture it is a little bit watery, you can ruin all your make up! Super glossy and has a mirror shine.

Continue reading “Christian Dior vs. Golden Rose “

Work day

Very light makeup, black clothes and a fun pop for my lovely black.

Have a look☺️

Today for my makeup I was using:

Foundation Chanel Vitalumiere eclat. Very light and smooth,easy to apply and very compact. 

Powder Terracotta 4 seasons from Guerlain. I have a shade of brunettes 05. And Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Skin Smoothing Loose powder. I have translucent shade so it fits for contrasting the skin and overall small shine. 

Eyeshadows from Chanel Les 4 Ombres, I have 238 Tisse Paris shades. Actually I don’t like so much this palette so I use only two colors.  Also another eyeshadows palette I used today is Estee Lauder Pure Color. I have sterling plums shade. Totally adore these eyeshadows. It stays for the whole day and very smooth. 

Diorshow extase mascara, you can read more about it in my previous review 😊 

And finally the lipstick also from Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy, shade potent.

If you have any questions or anything, don’t hesitate to ask ❤️

With Love,


Today’s make up

As I had my alarm 1 hour earlier than normally (guess how I managed to do it 😄), I had some time for my make up. Then I am going to work, I use only foundation, mascara and some blush but for today I have decided to use a bit more! 😊


Here are the pictures of what I have used for today! Have a look ❤️


About the eyeshadows you can read in my previous post.

Diorshow extase mascara one of my favorite mascaras which I am using at the moment. I like the brush, super comfortable with extravagant lash- fattening power and a lash-care formula. Like like like! 4,5*

Today I have used Le teint touche eclat foundation from YSL. A lot of bloggers loves it, but I couldn’t say the same. I can agree that it’s weightless and highlights the contours of the face, but for me it lasts maybe for 2-3 hours. Another disadvantage, it’s too watery and I don’t like it…
About the Boddy shop pearls you can read in my previous review. 😊
Mac blot powder also nothing special, leaves stains but last for the whole day. 3,5*

One of my favorite eyeshadows palette. It’s from Estee Lauder, you can see another shades palette in my previous review. Easy to apply, lasts for 24hours and comfortable to have in your purse. 5*

Chanel rouge coco shine. I just adore it! It hydrates my lips, feels like a lipgloss and just a perfect nude colour. Strong 5*


If you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to ask!

With Love,