Summer rain

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Good morning everybody! This year it’s really difficult to get a proper summer weather, as most of the time is raining and for me it feels more like a spring or early autumn.
But I can’t complain too much, because I woke up quite early, made myself a cup of coffee and currently sitting in my terrace in front of the sun and writing this post. You can see more of my daily life on my instagram stories ( @worldbyenrika ).

But today I want to remember a very bright and colorful outfit, which wasn’t the most appropriate outfit for the rainy afternoon, but wanted to look pretty anyways! 🙂
I chose a shiny golden loafers from H&M,  the same as a cross bag. Denim jacket from D&G, skirt from COS and a white blouse from Twin Set.

My current mood and goal is to stop wearing sneackers so often and jeans, and start wearing more skirts, dresses, pretty blouses and some ind of heels. Need to get back to my normal shape and get back on track with buying more high heels and pretty things.

Have a lovely Friday and talk to you soon!
Enrika xx


Color your life

I’m moving forward by leaving the black clothes in a wardrobe and taking more colors. I don’t know if it’s only for me, but when you wear more colors, you feel inside more positive, happier and it brightens your day much more.

Of course, black is classic, and you always feel safe and confident, but as I told before, for the summer you have to wear more colours. Continue reading “Color your life”

Today’s makeup

Sun is shinning, early morning, I can hear a lovely music from the birds so I have decided to make my makeup sunny as well❤️

Have a look what I was using today!

My new love for moisturizing the skin is a day cream with avocados  from Marmozel. More about this brand I will write in my next post.

HR queen sexy black mascara, good for daily using,but as I wrote before ready nothing special. 

YSL matt touch foundation/cover. I use it only on a cheeks, gives a bit darker colour, so don’t need to use a lot of bronzer.

My forgotten and favorite eye- shadows colour Steel Magnolias from Too Faced. 

Soooo good! Easy to apply, last for 24hours, beautiful palette and colours! ❤️ I like everything from Too Faced brand. Packing and appearance is excellent!  

As a lipstick today I am using Too Faced Mood Swing. I wrote about it before that it changes a colour on your lips depending on your mood! From pinkish white to a petal pink ❤️

Last but not least, Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner. Very soft and I like that it’s not too watery, who likes to make cat eyes, you should try this one as well 😊

Hope you liked!

With Love,

Enrika ❤️ 

Beautiful morning ❤️


First of all, I want to Thank you all for following my blog. We reached more than 1450 followers! I am so happy ❤️ Without your support and reading I wouldn’t reach it.

So I want to start the morning with a cozy atmosphere, some coffee, butterflies and flowers.. I want to feel Spring so badly that I even don’t wear so much black any more! 😄 keeping in mind, it’s my favorite colour 😊


I have never seen the coffee brewer in the bag! It was one of the presents for our house warming party. Actually, it is so comfortable and easy to use. You just have to open the bag, fill it up with boiling water and brew for 3-6 min. Voilia! Your coffee is ready! ☺️ Nevertheless, the bag is recyclable!


My new favorite cup from Miss Etoile . It is super fabulous, I like the design, and especially that it has my E letter ❤️ You can find loads of beautiful, girly, cozy things at their store. Have a look ☕️

I wish you all to have a beautiful and cozy day. Don’t worry about the problems if you have them, because nothing last forever! Keep smiling and the world will smile to you ❤️

With Love,

Today those prints are just my inspiration!

Today those prints are just my inspiration!

Ashley Longshore audrey hepburn wall art
44.200 DKK –

New Growth Designs silk flower
5.810 DKK –

SHOUROUK brass jewelry
6.285 DKK –

Blue flower hair clip
32 DKK –

William Morris body moisturizer
100 DKK –