Under eye area.  Clinique pep-start cream. 

Hello my beautiful friends! ❤️

A new day- a new review. This time I wanna talk about our face and under eyes area. It’s not a secret that I’m addicted to eye creams. I can buy them every day and it will never be too many bottles on my bathroom shelf.

A few weeks ago, I have bought Clinique pep-start eye cream. A lot of beauty bloggers wrote about this cream and I thought why not? Let’s try it! Continue reading “Under eye area.  Clinique pep-start cream. “


Clinique instant lift for brows


I had a hard time to find the perfect brows pencil, which is not too light or too watery and which will stay for the whole day. Now I know that I will buy only this Clinique Instant Brows Lift pencil. It is easy to use and what I like mostly that it has a highlighter in another side. This pencil makes the brows look super natural and it covers perfectly the “empty” spots( if you have less hair in the brow). 

Highlighter makes the eyes look more fresh, especially if you use the darker eyeshadows. So you do not need to add the lighter color along the brow bone. 
Bellow you will see the result of using this pencil! Giving 5* to it!


Have anyone tried it before? Would love to know your ideas about it ❤️ 
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