My new and favorite skin care routine


When I feel that the product is amazing I don’t need to wait a month to make a review. And about these 3 beauties from L’Oreal  I can talk all day long.

First, I have bought a Pure Clay Illuminating Cleansing Gel.  It really does make my skin glow. Removes all the impurities and dirt, but what I like mostly about it, that it smells amazing and after you wash your face it feels so clean. Not all the cleansing gels has the feeling of cleanness, and in my case I like this a lot.

I use it every evening before I go to sleep and in a mornings which helps me to wake up. If you are having a no-makeup day, you will need only your moisturizer on your skin and a smile on a face, because your skin will be glowing and luminous.

So after I was so happy about the cleansing gel, I decided to buy more products and give it a try. Remembering that I wanted a new cleansing milk and my skin toner was almost empty.

Rare flowers packaging and smell bought me so fast! Haha 🙂 When I came home, all I wanted to do was to remove my makeup and try the new products. Starting with the Cleansing Milk which is enriched by calming rose and jasmin extracts was sooo soft on a cotton pad, that I repeated cleaning my makeup twice! 🙂

In a beginning I was quite sure that it won’t remove mascara perfectly, but guess what?! It did, and it was super easy and fast and I was using just a little bit of a product.
It would work even if you are wearing a waterproof mascara.  Another thing what I love is that, after removing the makeup my skin is not feeling dry. Opposite it feels moisturized and sooth.

I guess, you can see already that I am a weirdo when it comes to cleaning the skin, but the last product  I want to tell you about is a Purifying toner. It perfects the makeup removal, softens the skin even more and simply it is a perfect way to end the cleaning routine. It has the same ingredients, it even fits for dry and sensitive skin. And I can guarantee that you will go to sleep with a moisturized,clean, healthy and a glowing skin.

Now it’s only 2 products which I want to try but can’t find anywhere to buy it in Denmark is from the same Rare Flowers category, is a cleansing gel and a makeup removal cream.
If any of you have seen it in Denmark, please let me know in a comment section bellow.

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Metropolife posters

My dear friend, Tuni, started a web shop on her blog! A scent of Scandinavian style, simplicity and cleanliness. All these posters are so adorable!

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Office decor


As September is almost here, school and work will start so soon. Want to share with you some decor inspiration how to create the best atmosphere while you are working. Keep it clean and simple, I always love to have some flowers on my desk, small stickers for the notes and some cute things around me. Enjoy!


All the pictures are from Pinterest ❤️

With Love,


Arabesque wood and peonies ❤️


All the time I was a little bit sceptical about &other stories beauty products, but after I tried, now I have aldready 5 products (keeping in mind that I bought it this month!) 😂 

I wanted to change my perfume scent  to something more fresh, and a bit of citrus. So I have found a perfect smell there…

Arabesque wood eau de toilette– intriguing oud and deep woody notes come together with hints of citrus and watery accords, sharing an inner secret of tangerine.
Top: Lemon, Ginger, Watery Accord

Heart: Petit Grain, Tangerine

Base: Amber, Moss, Agarwood
And even that is summer now, I always carry with me a hand cream. This deeply-hydrating yet lightweight hands moisturiser that leaves skin feeling like silk with a delicate fragnant veil. Dusty violets settlong among bergamot trees and peony dreams.. ❤️

Both smells stays for more than 24 hours. In every step you leave a trail of fragrance for others.
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Peonies & other stories 

Today was a perfect day. I had a day off from my work, so I went for a small shopping, made a dinner for my love and just relaxed. Of course, I have to buy something if I am at the shopping center.. It is so bad, sometimes I am buying seriously crap 😀

Actually,  I should stop doing this 🙈

But today I decided to buy only something for home. So I went to &other stories for a body lotians and hand soap and surely to browse the new clothes. 

This &other stories hand soap, which smells a little bit sweat but at the same time has some “wind” smell. Hands become very soft, similar feeling after using the hand lotion. Now I just want to wash my hands every second 😀 

You can find so many different smells and colours of the soaps, body lotions and etc. I already found my next perfume. Looking forward to share it with you ❤️


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Benefit lip color

This super nice pink color is so cool to have for summer! Very light and soft lipstick, which is enriched with shea, mango butter and vitamin E, will always hydrate your lips and will keep them smooth! 

Especially in the summer, when the sun is pretty strong or you like to swim in the sea, you have to take care of your lips. And when you can make in a stylish way, what do you need more? ❤️

What I like the most is the packing and it wears for a long time! 

Have a look 😊


Very soft, very light and natural color ❤️ 

It was a super nice day, so I wanted to have a casual and comfortable outfit and to add some colors.

Blazer- Zara

Accessories- Aldo shoes

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Healthy cosmetics from Marmozel


This adorable beauty actually decorates my dressing table! It is a hand made natural products-cosmetics from Lithuania called Marmozel. So Parisian…

All the materials are organic and certified. Produces from unrefined vegetable oils, aromatic herbal water, herbal powders, extracts, waxes, clays and essential oils!

Let’s start my journey with Marmozel ❤️



Moisturizing nourishing face cream. It is a bit oily, due to the ingredients of avocado, sunflower seed, sweet almond and apricot kernel oils. But then you put just a small amount onto wet skin it absorbs very well, at least for me. I could see that my skin became lighten and allways nourished. Love it!

But for the people with oily skin I don’t think it would suit very well. 



The next one is Floral Facial toner. Very nice! I always have it now in my purse ❤️ Refresh your skin instantly by leaving luxorious sent of roses and jasmin. It is recommended to be used before applying some cream or oil, but I even spray it during my work hours then I feel that the skin gets dry. Or even if you don’t wear any make-up but you spend the whole day outside it’s nice to refresh your face and take out all the pollution. This spray tonic actually moisturize and purifies the skin and of course this amazing smell stays for a long time on a face ❤️


 Natural deodorant with Alum powder. Very easy and comfortable to use! Leaves some herbs and roses smell and most importantly does not clog pores and does not disrupt the body’s elimination functions. I really liked it, because it really works! And even you can carry it in your purse and no one will recognize that it is deodorant. 



Lip balm with camomile and pitch. Softens so well my lips that I want to apply more and more! 😄 My lips looks nourished and protected against coldness ordryness all the time ❤️  Has a specific smell but you cannot taste it! 

All in all, I felt in Love with Marmozel ❤️ Highly recommend to try it. They have products for hair, men and even home! 

Visit their website Here 

Thank you Marmozel! ❤️

With Love,


It’s time for some blogging!

It's time for some blogging!

Moooi modern ceiling light
13.675 DKK –

Sheep skin throw
1.335 DKK –

Giclee painting
940 DKK –

Kjøre Project brown folder
1.080 DKK –

Circle mirror
1.015 DKK –

French Connection round candle
145 DKK –

Quote wall art
84 DKK –

LSA International miniature glass vase
105 DKK –

Chanel office accessory
62 DKK –

Wooden accent table
11.365 DKK –

8.025 DKK –