Let’s talk about benefits from Benefit?

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My dear, Readers,

Last time I wrote it was last year! Can you believe that? Lately my life is a big rush. Don’t have time to do anything what I really want and like, which is a shame. But from today on, I will try my best to write my reviews, ideas, lookbooks and everything what I feel it can inspire you, more often ❤

So grab a cup of tea/coffee and start reading. Enjoy!

All the beauty bloggers/vloggers have been crazy about Benefit cosmetics lately and especially their brow products. Believe me or not, from all this media around me, I went to the closest Sephora and got myself a few bits and bops.

Let’s start with the Goof Proof  Brow Pencil. I really enjoyed for the first 2 weeks. It made easy to fill up the brows, shape a little bit in the direction I wanted and broom them, to keep it in place. But after those 2 weeks, the pencil got dry. I needed to draw for a minute on my hand to get the same texture as it was in a beginning. And as it is super slim, it was breaking all the time (I wasn’t pressing it hard!).

So my verdict would be: amazing in a beginning and a really bad product afterwards. You can get a much better quality product for much cheaper. Wouldn’t buy again.

Next one is It’s potent! Dark circle eye cream. It should fade your dark circles and smooth the skin. Does it fades the dark circles? NO. Does it moisturizes the under eye area? YES. Would I buy it again? Most likely not. 

As good advertising this cream has, but it doesn’t fade even a little bit the dark circles. Yes, it moisturizes a lot the under eye skin, and it feels smooth, concealer slides perfectly afterwords, but it doesn’t do the main job at least for my skin.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas, would be lovely to discuss it together.

Talk to you soon!





Benefit lip color

This super nice pink color is so cool to have for summer! Very light and soft lipstick, which is enriched with shea, mango butter and vitamin E, will always hydrate your lips and will keep them smooth! 

Especially in the summer, when the sun is pretty strong or you like to swim in the sea, you have to take care of your lips. And when you can make in a stylish way, what do you need more? ❤️

What I like the most is the packing and it wears for a long time! 

Have a look 😊


Very soft, very light and natural color ❤️ 

It was a super nice day, so I wanted to have a casual and comfortable outfit and to add some colors.

Blazer- Zara

Accessories- Aldo shoes

With Love,


Future posts

Hello my,dears!

I am so so so sorry for not posting anything for a long time! The last few weeks have been so busy.. I want to show you what I have in my to post list for the upcoming week ( I will try my best!) 
So have a look:

Benefit hydra-smooth lip color. Very nice shade and feeling on a lips!

One of my outfits! Will write you what brand it is,prices and where you can buy it ❤️

 I was so happy after I received the parcel from Soufeel company! ❤️


And some of my Shopping Pearls ❤️


Last but not least announce is of course food. Want to share some ideas from my loves birthday and also amazing sushi from the best restaurant in town! Will write the recipe of gnocchi  as well! 






Keep updated for all these future posts ❤️ 

With Love,