Foreo Luna Play. New Travel Essential


Hello my beautiful friends!
This time I want to talk about a must have for every day use, including the traveling.

This is a Foreo Luna Play, the first travel-size cleansing device which is not only small and cute, but it does its work as crazy! It’s very soft, so even if you use it with a scrub, it won’t be so intense as with Clarisonic for example. 
It removes gunk with soft oscillation and is gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive of skin. The tiny size allows it to easily maneuver around hard-to-reach areas like the sides of the nose. And the best part? It requires no charger. It comes prejuiced with 100 uses worth of battery power, and once it’s drained (which will take a couple of months if you use it twice a day, or longer if you only use it while you travel), just toss it out.

Of course, you might think that after 100 of times you will have to throw it away and then buy a new one, BUT thinking that is waterproof, you can use it everywhere and it’s kind of hygienic to throw it late (you would by a new brush for a Clarisonic anyways after a while) would equalize it.

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It’s perfect to use with your daily cleanser to remove the make up ( for the under eyes area it’s so good, cause the silicon brushes are so soft and it won’t irritate your skin) and then apply the micellar water.
You can also try a bigger Luna version, which is rechargeable, but this little one is simply to nice at least for me to exchange to the bigger version. As I assume it does exactly the same job.

Have you ever tried any of Foreo products? What are your ideas? Would love to discuss together! 🙂

Yours, Enrika.

PR Sample. It’s my honest opinion and review. 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ieva M says:

    I have the rechargeable Mini 2 version and I love the difference it makes. Although it does not exfoliate, for some reason all other products – serums, creams – seem to have much better effect on my skin after I started using Luna

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    1. enrikabau says:

      Exactly. Cause it opens all the pores so the serums and creams could go deeper and do it’s job much better than just cleaning your face with a fingers and a cleanser or etc.
      so so so good!:)


  2. Asahela says:

    I need to get on of these! Great post x

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