A key piece for your outfit- Sunglasses



Hello my beautiful friends!

Today wanna talk about a Must Have piece for everybody- sunglasses. Some people are wearing them only in summer, some (like me) all year round. It’s such a statement piece, that is impossible not to have at least one pair of them.

Nowadays, you can find all kind of different shades, shapes, styles and materials. From super mini to extra large frames which can hide all your face. But remember, it’s a statement piece!

Have a look at some of my most favorite pieces I found on Pinterest.


As you can see, my favorites mostly are with mirrored glass, which I simply love. I think it gives you some spice for your outfit, glamour and self-confidence.

Don’t forget that it has to show your unique personality and your style. Don’t copy celebrities or instagram girls, just to be the same as they are. Never do this. Cause you are the best and you don’t need to be just a copy of magazine covers.

I was quite crazy about sunglasses few years ago. I could buy them every month and fill my collection, but lately I prefer to have a statement piece rather than a mass market product.

Two pictures bellow you will see my absolute favorite sunglasses. I want to find something similar for this summer. Maybe you know any good website or a brand who makes amazing sunnies?

745d598f99b112c34e1c39f40b778979 76dddc63f189bbd8c1df91c36a6a6ce5

Will be waiting for your suggestions and have a lovely day!

Yours, Enrika


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