How not to over pack your hand luggage for holidays?


Holidays is almost here! Everybody is counting the days for the day of their departure (as I do ), that’s why I want to share some practical advice with you, how not to over pack your luggage. Cause Most of the time we think that we will need this and that, but we end up wearing only 4-5 favorite pieces and buying something new as well! 
So here is my essentials for summer holidays! Have a look at the pictures, get inspired and don’t forget of my biggest tip!
Plan your outfits before packing your luggage. Look what pieces you can combine for day and evening outfit. Maybe the same dress is perfect for being a tourist during the day time, but if you would change your makeup and change your ballerinas to high- heels you could go for a fancy dinner or to the club?


Firs piece which you should have for your summer holidays is a Stripe T-shirt. It looks nice, chick and casual at the same time. If you don’t like stripes change it to a basic white or grey t-shirt. Have a look how you can wear 1 t-shirt for day and evening occasions.


Second is Off Shoulder dress or top. This trend is coming back to our wardrobes. Very feminine, simple but at least for me it feels so cozy. Sexy (but not too much!), luxurious, casual and you can mix it with so many styles!






Next one of course will be Shorts. It’s so many options these days that you can choose whatever you like. You can wear them to the beach, or add a long shirt with nice shoes and go for the dinner.


Nevertheless, you still have to have at least one Fancy piece. Meaning- a nice dress, or skirt, or suit pants. Something that would be appropriate to go the restaurant in the evening or a theater and etc.  Maybe it will be one of the off shoulder pieces or a jumpsuit?


Thus, by having a look at the previous pictures I feel that is almost done. I would just add one skirt to be fully packed.  Maybe it’s a denim or midi skirt?

Or you prefer more to have a long skirt?


Of course, don’t forget that you have to take something warm to wear as well. Maybe it’s your cardigan, or maybe it’s your favorite leather jacket.

Talking about shoes, I would take with me 3 pairs of shoes.
1. Sneackers
2. Sandals
3. High- heels

Trust me, you don’t need more than 3 pairs of shoes 🙂 Hope it will be helpful for you to pack the luggage. You can also take some pictures at home of every outfit, so on holidays you will know already what to wear.

Thank you for reading!
Yours, Enrika


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