Wedding Guest Outfits. Which one is the best?



So many friends are getting married this summer and autumn, that is crazy! But much more crazier is a headache to find the right outfits. It will be my first weddings when I am not a kid any more, and have to look appropriate. But here is the question. What is the appropriate outfit?  Is it the one our grandmothers thinks, celebrities or ours heart and style knowledge. 

Style have changed and is changing so much and so fast, that some things which looked not normal 20 years ago, now is like the cherry on a cake.

Want to share some pictures with you (all of them are from Pinterest) and my ideas of what to wear for being as a guest at your friends weddings. Do we have to follow the rules that there is no pants or white dress (cause the bride can be mad on you!) and etc.




It’s just an idea of what to wear. I feel like wearing something romantic, nothing vulgar, definitely high-heels, a small clutch and some nude make-up. Not sure yet if I want to choose a dress or a suit type of pants.
Though, it will be during the summer time, so you don’t want to be sweaty and feeling uncomfortable! Remember, that after the ceremony you will be dancing all night, so maybe it’s a good idea to take a pair of ballerinas with you, cause to walk with a beautiful dress and dirty feet, won’t be the best idea! πŸ™‚

What is your ideas? Maybe you want to share your favorite outfit pictures and inspire my future look which I will definitely share with you!

Thank you for reading! ❀
Yours, Enrika


7 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Outfits. Which one is the best?

  1. Oh I love the first one, the pink lace, and the red! All are really gorgeous picks! I think as long as you look put together + appropriate…and stay away from white – you can pull off anything at a wedding! πŸ™‚

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