KIKO Milano. Mat Base Corrector Primer with 97% Natural Ingredients

Hello my beautiful friends! Outside is raining and getting cold again (ahh) so after falling asleep 3 times I’m managing to blog! ๐Ÿ˜€ Have you been watching Eurovision yesterday? Tell me your favorites in a comments bellow! We had such a lovely evening at our friends place with some Hugo cocktails, which might be a reason of sleeping the whole day today ๐Ÿ˜€ Tshhh… Joking! So, let’s move to the discussion of this fantastic primer I have found a week ago.

KIKOย cosmeticsย have concurred my heart long time ago, you can find some reviews on my blog as well. Talking about primers, I’m very picky in regards to this question. It’s so hard to find the right primer for my face that sometimes it feels like waste of money. Happily, not this time!

This specific gel formula, made up of 97% natural ingredientsย (how great is that!! ) and enriched with sebum-absorbing vegetable active ingredients, instantly matifies the skin, minimizing the effect of dilated pores.ย Light and quickly absorbed, Mat Base Corrector Primer prepares your skin for make up, guaranteeing total comfort all day long.

I love the feeling after you apply a GOOD primer. You know when the whole face starts shrinking (if it’s the right word, but you understand me). In my opinion, this shrinking process shows a LOT about the quality of the primer. It shows that it will keep your make up for many hours, your foundation will stay much longer and won’t go out to the creases.

This mat face primer ideal for combination to oily skin that tends to become shiny during the day. You will see how your skin will appear smooth and velvety!

Highly recommend. The price is also friendly to everybody. It’s around 9 Eur, and you need just a tiny bit for you face- meaning that it will last for long as well. โค

Thank you for reading!
Yours, Enrika


3 thoughts on “KIKO Milano. Mat Base Corrector Primer with 97% Natural Ingredients

    1. Dziugu girdeti, kad patinka:) Tikrai vienas is geriausiu kuriuos esu naudojus. Pabandyk dar Makeup For Ever Step 1 arba VS Primer/FIx it spray. irgi labai geri!:)


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