Under eye area.  Clinique pep-start cream. 

Hello my beautiful friends! ❤️

A new day- a new review. This time I wanna talk about our face and under eyes area. It’s not a secret that I’m addicted to eye creams. I can buy them every day and it will never be too many bottles on my bathroom shelf.

A few weeks ago, I have bought Clinique pep-start eye cream. A lot of beauty bloggers wrote about this cream and I thought why not? Let’s try it!

On a package it says: A pep rush. Brightens, hydrates and perks you up.  3 seconds to look wide awake, refreshed. Have it on hand. Its cool touch and de-puffing tip help keep eyes looking fresh. Smooths the way for makeup, too.

My opinion: I love the design of it. It’s so easy and simple to use. The aplicator is a round shape so you don’t need to use your fingers (I still do time to time). Very fast absorbs into the skin and leaves a smooth and nice skin. A lot of people said that puffiness disapeared after 20minutes, but for me it didn’t worked.

But what it really does, it smoothes your skin so well! After using it every morning abd evening my under eye area became much more moisturized and brighten. All the dark spots are gone! 😊 Another advantage is the size. Of course it’s pretty common to have eye creams in a small tube, but the shape and the size is just perfect. At least for me. Perfect for travelling or just having in your purse. I like to re-apply the eye cream during the day (if I’m not wearing any makeup) especially in a summer time. Cause the under eye area get’s so dry of the sun and dusts that I feel needed to retuch with the cream.

All in all– perfect for moisturizing and hydration. Doesn’t work with puffiness for me, but maybe it will work for you. Love the shape and design! Also it’s 100% fragrance free, what is pretty important for the under eye area.
Hope you enjoyed readding. Leave your comments with any recommendations for the eye creams. Or maybe you have tried this? Would love to hear your opinion.

Yours, Enrika ❤️


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