OGX Keratin Oil


Hello my beautiful friends!

As you might know from my previous post, at the moment I’m taking extra care for my hair.

Few weeks ago, I got to test OGX Anti-breaking Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Before you read my review, wanna say that is my personal opinion and I am really amazed by how it works on my hair!

Let’s start with the shampoo– This wash works hard to help defend against split ends and rid your mane of pesky broken pieces. Keratin Oil Shampoo helps to fortify each strand with strength, because stronger hair can grow longer and more beautiful.- This is how it’s described by the OGX.

My opinion: It does! My ends looks much softer and it doesn’t split so much anymore (with every time I use, it’s better and better). To get that softness in my hair I was using masks and extra oils or biosilk in the end, but now after rinsing the hair only with this shampoo and conditioner is completely enough!

Next one is the conditioner– Lose the split ends, flyaways and broken bits, and help keep your hair’s inner strength and moisture. With this smooth treatment, your hair is good to grow.

My opinion: It’s hard to say if my hair started to grow faster because of this shampoo, but will repeat the same, that the hair became so soft, smooth, straight and moisturized!

You can also buy deep treatment mask and the oil, but I would say, you should buy it only if you are having really dry and damaged hair!  Cause then it will be too oily and you will have to wash it again.

Smell: It has a kind of spicy smell, but it’s at the same time pretty soft. After you wash your hair, it’s left with a clean, soapy and kind of luxury smell.

What is the best about this shampoo and conditioner, that you don’t need to use a hair mask afterwords, because your hair looks and feels so soft and moisturized, that if you would add the hair mask, I think it would be too oily in the end.
As these products has keratin, your hair becomes straight already after blow dry (by not trying to straighten). It’s very easy to brush afterwords and your hair doesn’t have tangles, which is super good. As you might know how difficult is to brush your wet hair 🙂

After using it for a week, my hair looks much healthier. It has this natural shine and smoothness.  Within a week, you can start seeing the difference already!

Yours, Enrika

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