White Shirt. Leather jacket. Monogrammed ballerinas.

Weekend is almost here! Outside is sunny and beautiful. Everybody is walking with the smile on a face (me too as well! ) and just enjoying a good weather.

You know here, in Scandinavia, it’s very rare to have a good weather! So when the sun is shining, everybody changes completely. More relaxed, more happy, more positive. 

But today let’s talk about my outfit. Very casual, simple but still with some chic spice.

Leather Jacket- Bershka
White Shirt- Envii
Jeans- Pieces
Monogrammed ballerinas- Gucci
Scarf– United Colors of Benetton
Bag– Chanel Boy


I wish you to have a beautiful day and a weekend. Enjoy a good weather, explore new places, read new books, laugh, smile, love and stay positive no matter what.

Yours, Enrika


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