Who could think that H&M has a fantastic product?!



I was never a big fan of H&M beauty products, but this Halo illuminiser/ highlighter is fabulous! The price is around 10 Euros, which is ridiculously cheap for this quality! This beauty product could stand together next to Dior or Lancome liquid highliters.  I am giving for sure ★★★★★!!

img_4418I have bought a Champagne color. As you can see it’s very pigmented and super creamy. Gives this shimmery on your face and you look so awake and fresh!

Actually, it’s a multiple-use product. You can use it as a primer even, which will give you a little bit less shimmer, as a highlighter of course, alone with a BB cream (check the previous post about Vichy idealia BB cream) or you can mix with the foundation and apply it all over the face.




Use this hint: use a nude lipstick or lip pen, and add a bit of Halo Illuminiser, you will see an incredible result and sexy lips look.

Only one disadvantage sadly: Because of the thickness of the formula, it’s a little difficult to blend with a sponge or a brush. And can leave some marks if you are using it on a foundation and powder. But! Use a little bit less and tap it with your finger, it will make easier to apply and won’t leave marks. 🙂


Do you see how beautiful it glows? I know that it get’s sold out soooooo fast! I found only in a 3rd H&M store that day I bought it. So if you see it, go and get it. You will be so happy after you try it ❤

Yours, Enrika


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  1. It looks so good! I need to find it in a store in my town!! Thanks for recommending it-it really is rare to find such a great product in H&M!

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    1. enrikabau says:

      Exactly! It’s something wow and a must have in a makeup purse!:) if you will try it, let me know if you liked it:)

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  2. It looks really pretty! I’ve tried the Rimmel Good to Glow which is similar to this but a bit less thick. It also is a bit cheaper at 6.49 euros.

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    1. enrikabau says:

      Thank you for sharing! Will need to try:)

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