Long time no see. Changes in life, look and new wishlist!

Hello my beautiful friends! I was gone for so many weeks, but now will tell you everything. So many changes happening in my life at the moment! Don’t know if the pictures will be according by the date, but will try my best.



Going to start with my new hairstyle. As you remember I was having a red hair for a while, maybe 6 months or something like that. But after a while I got bored with that and decided to change it into ‘Ombre’ look. As most of you know, everything is super expensive in Scandinavia, so I have had my tickets to Lithuania. Was planning to go for a few days, visit my parents and to go to the hairdresser, but…

I got a new full-time job and all my plans have changed! No more time to go back home or visit a hairdresser. So decided to change it by myself. And here is the result! I’m very happy about it, I think it really fits me (just need to lighten for one or two more times.)


What do you think? I got inspired by my favorite Youtube’r Mimi Ikonn (you can even find my separate blog post about her). But let’s start from the beginning.

The last month I feel so so so so positive. Don’t know what have changed in my life, but I don’t want to hear or see any negativity. Is like believing in kindness, love, true happiness and no more two-faced people. And this positive thinking brought me luck. Literally.

From having around me only true friends, similar type of thinking and just smiling every day to the new opportunities and simply life.


Every day became like a holiday to me, I want to celebrate it (not only by partying or drinking of course), but by enjoying and taking all what I can from life.

If you will be visiting Copenhagen, definitely go to the Illum roof top. You will find a few restaurants with amazing food and of course a pretty terrace view to the main streets of Copenhagen (the first picture is from there).


When I am in a good or in a bad mood I always buy flowers. I just love to go to the flowers market and choose by myself everything what I like! Put in a vases in all of the corners and cheer myself and my boyfriend. I always have at least one piece of flower next to our bed. I think when you wake up and see a flowers next to you, it makes the whole day ❤


After I have started to work at the airport shopping became even more ‘difficult’ 😀 can you imagine seeing every day different kind of stores, duty-free and etc. It’s a teasing, so of course I stop by every day and buy something. Will make a separate review about my Shopping Haul. I am very happy about my new job and new colleagues. Everything is fantastic.

Today I visited Marc Jacobs store. I am looking for a laptop case as I got the most amazing present! ❤ After I saw this bag, I forgot why I came to the store! 😀

It is kind of snake-skin look handbag, with a lot of sewed charms on top. Each of them is hand-made and has a different meaning. Mostly is about women’s power. It is a unique piece. ONLY ONE piece in Denmark arrived and I am thinking that it is waiting for me! Not sure if I REALLY want it, but it looks simply amazing. It cost around 1000 EUR, but it’s a good investment. I am super happy about my Chanel Boy, but this… So extravagant, different and the fact that it’s only one. Need to think about it.



That’s all for today, hope will brightened up your day/evening and this weekend you will be able to read a big shopping haul post. Mostly about makeup, skin and hair care., But keep tuned.

Also, as I’m not able any more to write new blog posts so often, follow me on instagram (@worldbyenrika) to see my daily uploads and sneak peeks.

Enjoy the rest of the day, keep smiling and be positive cause it will bring the positive results to your life as well!

Yours, Enrika


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