Pamper Day!


Don’t forget to reward yourself every now and then. A little bit of self pampering never hurt anyone. 

I started my post by this quote because I had a pamper day! My boyfriend left for a business trip to Stockholm, so it was the best time to chill, walk at home with a face mask, did my nails and etc.

Tomorrow I have an important day, so need to look sharp and chick. Will blow dry my hair, do a kind of natural/glowish chick make up look amd still thinking of what to wear. 


I want to start talking about the face mask from H&M (you can see one review ina previous post). This time I had a Manuka honey, peel off mask. What I want to say firstly, that I will go to buy one more! It’s absolutely amazing! I’m not sure if they still have it as I have bought it a half a year ago, and hopefully they haven’t discontinued.

I found a picture on H&M website, here is the new version of the mask.

 It’s a gentle cleanse mask with honey and jasmin. What I loved, is that your face doesn’t look dirty 😀


It was easy to apply, of course sticky because of the honey, but quite smooth and fast. The first tip which comes is do not apply a thick layer! Because with the time, mask gets dry and as you can see in a picture, you have to peel it off. And as I applied too much, it didn’t dried completely. By this, I want to say that, one package is enough for two people or for two times. But the result was amazing. In the beginning, it had a cooling effect and after the 7-10 minutes when it started to dry, my skin was kind of feeling like it’s tightening a lot. Was easy to peel off and the skin felt super soft amd clean.


While I was having a face mask, I have cleaned my brushes- so it’s nice and ready for tomorrow. The key for the perfect makeup it’s not only a good makeup brushes, but also that they are clean.

I’m not a big fan of makeup brashes shampoos or sprays. I feel that it reacts bad with my skin afterwords, so I am cleamimg them with the organic facial/body soap by a Lithuanian brand Marmozel. 


Next was a time for my nails amd eyebrows. I applied my under eyebrows a 100% natural cream with parsley and just removed the new hair.

For my hands and nails-> Mavala is one of my most favorite ever brands for hands and nails. Super good quality and results. So, I have applied a Sally Hansen nail and cuticles oil and applied my cleansing mask for hands. img_3860

I had a cup of tee for that 15 minutes I was having a mask. The results as I said before is amazing! Hands become soft like a baby, cleaner as it removes the dead cells as well and for my opinion much brighter as well. I don’t use it often, but when I do the result always brightens my day.

Next was some nail strengthening pen from Mavala as well and a growth miracle polish from Sally Hansen.  I polished my nails with the nude color from OPI, applied one of the best hand creams I have ever tried- all time favorite Hand and Nail treatment cream from Clarins.


While I was waiting for the nail polisher to dry on my nail, I had a cup pf green organic tea and a super delicious chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. So so good! At the same time browsing websites as I need a new foundation. Do you have any good recommendations for a good coverage foundation?

And that’s it. Feel pampered from the outside and inside. Now it’s time to light the candles and read a book. I’m currently reading ‘Ophelia learns to swim’ by Susanna Kubelka. In one day I made 100pages and still continuing to read more, as it’s so fascinating and i terestimg. Definitely recommend!

See you tomorrow!

Yours, Enrika


2 thoughts on “Pamper Day!

    1. It’s actually a face cream, which is super moisturizing and a bit oily, so I like to add a bit more for my eyebrows, so the skin gets softer, by making easier to remove the hair. Cause I think the hair also get’s a little bit softer and then it’s not so hurtful:) but try to add a little bit of any intense moisturizer to see if it helps for your skin:)
      Xo Enrika

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