Books and YSL autobiography

Yves Saint Laurent is arguably the greatest fashion designer of this century. World-renowned since the age of twenty-one, when he shot to fame as the savior of Christian Dior, he has changed the way that women dress with a series of innovations–from trouser suits and leather boots to peasant shawls and safari jackets–now regarded as classics. His business empire has become a role model for the fashion and beauty industries, establishing Rive Gauche as the first chain of ready-to-wear boutiques, launching Opium as a bestselling perfume, and opening up the vast Asian market.

Yves Saint Laurent’s legacy as a king of fashion designers, who created a masterpiece of a brand, keeps growing. Everything about YSL brand for me is a masterpiece. Starting from tuxedo jackets for women and ending with YSL beauty.

But did you know that:

    • He started his career by designing dresses for his two sisters and his mother.
    • The designers’ interest in fashion and clothes lead him to being bullied at school for appearing to be gay.
    • At 17, he left for Paris where he showed his drawings to Michel de Brunhoff – director of French Vogue – who published several of them immediately
    • In 1966, he introduced le smoking – his legendary smoking suit. His other inventions include the reefer jacket (1962), the sheer blouse (1966), and the jumpsuit (1968)
    • In 1983, YSL was honoured by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York city, with his own, solo, exhibition, the first living person to be given such an honour.

And many more which are stated in a book. I thought it’s a time already to start sharing my reading book posts together with you.

I am in a middle of the book and it’s fascinating. It’s so nice to read how people can reach any goal or dream by working hard and believing in yourself. Even when everybody laughs in your face, you still have the motivation to move on.

If you like biographies, definitely recommend to read this book by Alice Rawsthorn. In my reading list I have 2 more to read: Prada and Versace biographies.

Absolutely will share it with you as well 🙂

Have you read this or any other fashion books? Would really appreciate if you could share with me your experiences and recommendations!

Yours, Enrika


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