Sunday routine

For me, every Sunday is like a SPA day. I think I got this feeling from my mum. It’s already like a routine, when you use face masks, hair masks, scrubs etc.
This time, I was trying some new products as well. It was a moisturizer from Kenzo and face mask from H&M. But let’s start from the beginning.
Before going to the shower, I have tried (first time in my life) a face mask from H&M.

I went for a Raspberry smoothie pore cleansing mask. What I can say straight away, the smell was irritating. I don’t know if it’s only for me but was too strong. On a packing, it’s written that Raspberry, mango, apricot, peach and pomegranate clears blocked pores and leaves the skin fresh and smooth. I was pretty sceptical about it, but you know what? After 15 minutes I washed my face, and it was super soft. No redness, no dry skin- anything. Felt like a baby skin. Now looking forward off trying the next two masks.

In a shower, I have applied a body polish from St. Tropez. It removes very lightly tired skin cells and leaves the skin smooth and soft. Also, the smell is light, fresh and not strong. I would recommend this body polish for sensitive skin or if you want to do a light peeling.
Next after the shower, I have applied St.Tropez tan booster. I use it only for my legs to give some tan. This lightweight lotion is specially formulated with a combination of self-tanning ingredients to intensify your natural or St.Tropez tan.

The rest of my body, I apply with Kenzo Ki Mellow Gel to Wake Up and Go- fresh moisturizing shaker. If you want to have a baby soft skin- go and buy this lotion. It’s delicate, smooth and leaves a delicious scent on your skin. It’s somewhere between a bouncy gel and a mellow cream, this fresh body moisturizer is bursting with super active agents to stimulate, tone and smooth the skin.

Next was my face. About Mixa face cream, you can see the separate review HERE. But to conclude, I’m still very happy with the results and continuing using it.

But about the eye cream, I have never talked here. I needed a travel size eye cream to use it after the swimming pool. So of course, I decided to buy a price friendly product. This one is from Matas store and its products line (the same as Sephora has).  I couldn’t say that it’s a special eye cream. Removes the puffiness and moisturizes the under eye zone, but nothing more. It’s perfect for young skin.

Last but not least is applying the silk on my hair. I’m using Biosilk products for more than 8-9 years already. My mum was always buying it and now I do. It’s mich better than any argan oil (at least for my hair). It gives softness, shine, and my hair looks and feels like silk. And the smell… ❤️

And finally, I moisturize my lips with Eau Thermal Avène Cold Cream to finish the skin care. I like this lip balm because you feel that your lips are fresh, healthy-looking, moisturized and naturally shines.

So here was my Sunday routine. Hope you enjoyed.

Yours, Enrika

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