Sunny outfit and a day in a park

My loves! I was away from blogging for so many days and to make you smile want to share some sunny pictures together with you ❤️

Few days ago, we decided to have a walk in a park. It was super warm and sunny. We took some bread to feed the birds and went to the park.

Look, how beautiful it is! I’m a bit afraid of the birds but really wanted to try to feed them from the hand. After many trials it happened! 😀

And I saw a squirrel! Jumping back and forth from the trees and eating something 😀 After I had colored my hair, I became a big fan of them.

There is a Frederiksberg Zoo, which is connected to the park, and you can see time to time animals outside. I’m not a big fan of zoos, as I think they should live in a wild nature… But it was nice to see the elephants walking outside and enjoying the sun.

It’s so romantic in this park (not in a winter :D). There are a lot of benches, birds, animals, flowers. It’s nice to come and read a book or just to have a walk. You relax your minds and fill your energy with positivity.

Of course, I asked my boyfriend to take some pictures of me, cause I was thinking all the time about you guys. Really missed sharing my ideas, photos and thoughts with you.

 I couldn’t stop running in the grass and taking pictures of every blooming flower. Don’t know what about you, but for me when it’s sunny I’m in a such a great mood!

Here are my outfit details:

Shoes- H&M

Skirt- H&M

Scarf- Miu Miu

Blouse- Atmosphere

Leather jacket- Bershka

Bag- Aldo

Sunnies- Dior

Hope you are enjoying a nice weather as well, and talk to you soon!

Don’t forget to check my Instagram, for daily pictures while I’m gone from the blog. You can find me by typing worldbyenrika.

Yours, Enrika


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