March diary:Day 7. Amazing pilates workout at home, organic teas and brain gym.



The last two days are passing by so fast, that I am late with my March diary posts for you. Sorry, I will try my best next days to share it with you every evening.

So, my day 7 started pretty late. I couldn’t fall asleep and woke up almost at mid-day! As it is today, yesterday was also raining a bit and so dark outside. Don’t know what changed to me, but I don’t have this powerful motivation to go the gym anymore. I promised to myself that will go there tomorrow and booked a Zumba class at 09:00.


Even, that I stayed at home it doesn’t mean that I was “hiding” from a workout! 😀 Firstly, I checked on youtube some yoga exercises, but realized that need something stronger, so decided to go for Pilates. I like yoga in the early morning or evening, it wakes up or relaxes in the evening the whole body and minds. But as I was pretty lazy previous days, I needed more hardcore!

After 20 minutes (20!!!) of searching for the best workout, I finally found one, and already checking for more videos. That channel called eFit30 is super great! It explains very well, you feel that you are working out and I was feeling like dead after that.  I added the link below. Try it home, it’s only 40 minutes, but you do your best and you feel all the muscles working. Super great!


Of course after Pilates, I went to take a shower and used my favorite scents to energize my body and feel ready to start a day. After watching for the last 3 days Mimi Ikonn videos, I got super interested in the organic food. She said, “If you respect yourself, you should respect your body as well. So take care of what you are eating/drinking, cause anyways it will effect your body, but your brains, soul and everything else”. And it’s so true! It’s not only about loosing weight (which is also important) but also in general how do you feel. It’s much nicer when you feel light, energized, fresh. I don’t know if it’s in my mind already, but even eating healthy the last days, trying to eat more ecological and organic food, I fell much nicer inside me.


That’s why after Pilates, I wanted to calm down, so headed to make some organic tea. Once I have bought Pukka tea when I was sick in a winter. It was the only one with ginger and lemongrass at the supermarket. Do you have this also stupid habit, that when you are sick, you prefer buying more natural and healthier food, but when you are totally healthy, you just don’t care so much as being sick?

It’s so unfair for our body and health! I know that I have a habit of eating time to time unhealthy and fast food, but from the last days I’m trying my best not to do it anymore. And you know what? Even that I’m not eating a lot, I don’t feel hungry and it’s simply enough for my body.  As in most of the unhealthy food, there are empty calories, which just “cheats on you” by making to feel full, but there are any good vitamins, or calories, which you eat. And nevertheless, it makes addiction as well.  Later this day, I will share my new favorite recipe, which is gluten-free.




Every Monday in Copenhagen, we have a Brain Gym or in other words called Brain Games. It is in Lithuanian, and a lot of friends meet up in a cafe where the game is held and for 3 hours we are playing in a groups. It is super nice and cozy. Especially during a winter period, but anyways. And sorry, that my notebook looks so bad, it’s because, a bottle with argan oil for hair was opened in my purse….I wasn’t feeling super well, because my “nose is running” again, and I am keeping to drinking as much teas as possible.

By my surprise, in that cafe I could find organic tea as well! I had a green tea with mint. So so tasty! The game finished around 22:30 and I went to the market to buy some fresh mint and veggies for the next day.

Actually now, while I’m writing this post, I have that fresh mint tea 🙂 And that was my day, I came home around 23:30, made a cup of tea, ate banana and went to the bed. Don’t know why, but I can’t fall asleep early any more. Maybe because I’m continuing watching Mimi videos, or what, but it’s getting pretty difficult!


So that was my day 7, thank you for reading guys, I really appreciate that and this evening will share my Day 8 post as well.

Yours, Enrika


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