March diary: Day 5-6. Ellie Goulding, chillax weekend and time for my self.

This weekend I was gone from my blog, and as it was a weekend, I will combine two days in one post (the same will be the next week as well). I just hope that will do it on Sunday’s, so the memories would be still super fresh.


My morning started super motivated, we planned to go with my friend for yoga and swimming pool have some girly time (I know, I promised this on my previous post), but on her way to the fitness, she called me and said that she won’t make it because of the doggy. She needed to take the dog to the doctor. Everything is good now, so no worries! 

As I told, to my boyfriend, that I will go alone, he was like, please don’t go, let’s go to do some shopping, I need a new suit, etc. Because he was going to the exhibition for three days, I thought that it will be better to stay together for the whole day, cause I will miss him (already missing) while he will be gone. So no gym and swimming pool for me on Saturday.



We did the shopping and then we passed by the ‘Tiger’. Most likely, not all of you know this brand.My boyfriend is calling it a crappy store 😀 Because you can buy it here everything you might need and for a low price. Starting from the seeds and spices, ending purchasing a coffee table or kids toys.  I wanted to plant something. Don’t know why, but this year all my thinking became much different. I want to give something to people, to the world, to anybody. As nature is at a pretty bad point of view already, why we should consume and buy more and more and more, if we can grow it by ourselves (I mean, the small things if you don’t have the possibility.

You don’t need to live in a big house to plant some wild rocket salad, right? I live in the apartment, and to make my mini garden at home, it won’t take a lot of time and money to do it. But the whole process will give so much happiness because you will do it together with somebody.  Grab your mum, dad, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend and do it together. You will have an incredible time together, you will plant something together, you will take care of it together, you will have memories and much more.  It is what matters most, not? Good memories.



And it was a lunch time. I made some snacks for us with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. We also had the main dish; I just forgot to take a picture of it. Time to time we like to find new recipes and experiment in a kitchen. Particularly in a Spring/Summer time, when you can get all type of veggies and fruits, make yourself anything you like. And most importantly it will be fresh and much healthier.

And it was time to do some makeup! As we have been going to the concert and after the concert to the birthday party, I needed to do a stable and long lasting makeup. You might ask, why my “makeup table” looks weird. It’s because I wanted to watch a TV with Viktor (my boyfriend) so I moved all my makeup I needed to the living room 😀


And here is the result! I wanted to do something warm and not super smokey. So I chose YSL eyeshadows, with a simmilar colours as you can find in the newest Too Faced Peanut Butter eyeshadows pallete. As I mentioned before, after the concert we went to our friends Birthday party, and it was a theme for it actually, named-Hats. It was super funny to see how the other people made their hats. I really needed to take a pictures, cause it was awesome. One of the friend made a popcorn hat, birthday boy had a cake on his head and in a picture above, you can see my mini-pretty hat 🙂 I don’t know why, but for me it looks so cute and feminine. I think it’s because of the tulle. But I will try to sew a dress with a simillar material, cause I simply love it.



It was raining so badly that evening, we have been running to the metro and squezing with lots of people. It doesn’t matter, what I liked mostly-was the atmosphere. The happiness in mine and other people eyes, how honestly people been singing during the concert. Dancing, kissing, just spreading the love around. You can see a video on my Instagram profile as well (worldbyenrika).


The whole evening was just perfect. I wish I could have more like this. It just simply fulfills your soul ❤ And here is my outfit of that evening. Simple, casual and my favorite pants. I adore this colour.

And that’s it for Saturday. We went to the birthday and after a few hours came home, as Viktor needed to leave in 2,5 hours.


After sleeping only 2 hours, it was REALLY difficult to wake up and help Viktor to get ready.Alarm was showing 04:25 am. I was trying my best to open the eyes, seriously. 😀 But after he left, I just went straight to the bed and continuing sleeping for 5 more hours… feeling pretty bad saying it loud, when I know that Viktor couldn’t do it 😀

So my day started pretty late already, as it was raining/snowing/raining the whole day, I wanted just to stay in a bed and watch my new favorite youtube channel (Will write anout it today as weel, I need to share it with you). Actually even now, while I am writting I listening to that channel!


After I managed to get out of the bed, my friend Ruta wrote to me and we decided to meet at my place for some coffee and girly talks. I know that you are reading now Ruta, so wanna say thank you again for that amazing time! ❤ You know guys, when you meet a person, and you just fit?  It was the same for me with Ruta. We have been working together  last year, and meeting at the parties and spending some time together. But what I like mostly is that, you can don’t see a person for weeks, don’t chat on facebook or by sms for weeks as well, but when you meet, it feels like you saw each other yesterday, and you have so many things to talk and share about. You feel yourself, appreciate the honestly and just enjoy the time.

And actually we spend the whole day together, eating fruits, trying different creams and sharing experience with different kind of cosmetics and of course talking, talking, talking! And it was my Sunday!

Hope you enjoyed my post and talk to you later today!

Yours, Enrika


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