Inspirational and my favorite blogger: Mimi Ikonn



The last few days, I am obsessed about Mimi Ikonn and her husband, Alex Ikonn. For a second day, I am watching non-stop, literally non-stop, their videos on youtube.

It is a first blogger/vlogger who is completely different than the rest of famous bloggers in a world. She shares so much positivity, kindness and just inspires and motivates to be even a better person in life. 

Don’t know how many of you have watched her videos, but I really want to share and recommend to everybody- go and check it out! In most her videos you will see Alex as well, and their relationship (at least in front of the camera) is incredible.

I can guarantee, that you will smile inside your heart, you will want to start to eat and live healthy, love your life, take as much as possible from every day and just Live.

Enough of talks and better make some tea and enjoy her videos  🙂

Open it here ❤

Yours, Enrika


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