March Diary: Day 4. Time for myself and day off from the gym

Goodmorning, Dears!

I’m so in hurry to make a Day 4 post, as yesterday I was too busy to do it. And in a few hours I’m going to a yoga session with my friend. We need some girls time, where you can talk in a swimming pool and just relax.

So my morning started by getting a strawberry- banana- pineapple smoothie. On top I added some chia seeds as it is the best one for making your body much cleaner.

All day I was thinking about how to relax. Started to browse some pictures on We Hear It and Pinterest. So after I found this amazingly beautiful picture of a girl in a bath, I have decided to go for some shopping and also colour my hair. As the photo is so summerish, cute and, you just want to go and collect all the flowers for the bath. Sadly, in our apartment, we have only a shower. Or I would stay there every day 🙂


A lot of stores still have discounts which were so attractive to my eye, but I was pretty strong to say NO, only to Body Shop I couldn’t resist. Tomorrow will make a separate post about it. But I can tell you that it will be about the eyeshadows… Pastelish, shimmery and…



So after I have colored my hair, I needed to prepare and to do makeup for a small drinks party, at my boyfriends office. Where afterwards we went to have a dinner in a city. Our dinner was so hilarious with finding the right restaurant to eat! As it was Friday all the right places there fully booked! I was thinking about running sushi or Thai food, so we found one Asian restaurant, we got a table and… What do you think? After I ‘analyzed’ the whole menu, I didn’t like anything!!! And I was afraid to stand up and leave the place without ordering anything. Have you ever faced this problem? 😀 So Viktor (my boyfriend), said that is totally fine and if I don’t like why we should stay here? we stand up, said thank you and left the place.



My healthy lifestyle was dead that day. I had a burger at one of the best places in Copenhagen, at the meet packing district. And we met my friend, also a blogger Tuni you can check her blog ( She was having a dinner as well with her boyfriend Thomas who had a birthday! It was a lovely surprise, and next week we promised to meet finally!

My outfit was super simple. My favorite autumn-winter high heels from Zara, girlfriend jeans from H&M, black shirt from Monki, black poncho which I use as a scarf from Pieces, Mink fur jacket and my lovely Chanel Boy bag.

In one and a half hour, I’m going to yoga as I mentioned before, then swimming pool and sauna! And the evening will be fantastic! We are going to Ellie Goulding concert and after the concert to our friend birthday party with a thematical note- Hats. I’ll show you everything tomorrow.

So here was my day 4, don’t forget to check my previous diary posts and see you soon!

Yours, Enrika


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