March diary: Day 3. Perfect start of the day in a park

Day 3! I am waking up without my alarm around 08 a.m! Can you imagine? It is entirely not me. I was always trying to sleep as long as possible. And the last 4-5 days I’m waking up so early.

Today I have started my day with black- green coffee ( it’s supposed to be healthier for your body than a typical black coffee) and the omlet. Super tasty 😍

When I had a meeting for an hour and afterwords, I came home to change my clothes.  It was a pretty nice day, finally not raining ( as it is pretty typical here in Denmark) so I decided to skip the gym and do some jogging in a park.

Motivating music, fresh mind and the eager to reach my daily goal. It was to reach the top of the hill with no stop. And I managed! ☺️

I like this park because it’s connected with the zoo. I saw flamingos and pelicans- makes a smile on a face when you see this beauty. Definitely, should start jogging here more often. Last time I was here in the summer. Now, when it’s not raining, I promise that will spend more time here.

Look at this building. Don’t know what is here, but it’s from marble and looks fantastic. Can you imagine doing a photoshoot here in a summer or autumn? I can 😍

A  smile on a face, when I saw my body difference already after 3 days! It makes me even more motivated and looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the month.

Want to encourage you as well. It’s amazing to feel fresh and healthy in a morning. The skin looks relaxed, I have more energy. It feels that in a morning I could do a million things. So much power.

And the happiest thing is that I am not smoking for a third day already! Very proud of myself❤️

Most likely tomorrow I will go to the gym, so don’t forget to check it out.

Thanks for reading and remember: only you can change your life. 

Yours, Enrika


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