March Diary: Day 2. Muscle pain and a small cheat

Hey, boys and girls 😍

Today is my day 2! I’m feeling great and light just having insane muscle pain in my legs and a headache for the third day.

My morning started super early. 40 minutes before my alarm. I couldn’t sleep longer, so decided to make some tea and oatmeal porridge. Don’t know why, but I imagined that outside is super sunny and nice, but the reality was different 😀

 It was raining the whole day! And in a morning, I (and my boyfriend) went to meet out a friend for a coffee ( I had green tea because after that I was going to my yoga class). It was super uncomfortable, cause I had two bags, an umbrella, wearing a long jacket and rain boots. Super stylish, 10 points 😀

But it was cozy in a cafe, not so many people, or I should say almost empty. Morning talks, laughs and good mood.

I love to start my days in a cafe. Of course, would be better if I would be wearing nicer clothes ( I was with my yoga outfit already 😀).

  I managed to come on time for yoga! I was so happy and proud of myself 😀  It was a new instructor, super cool and classy lady. And by the miracle, we had a few guys in class as well. The problem was that my muscles hurts do badly, that I couldn’t do everything during the class.

I like to take yoga classes after intensive workouts, cause it relaxes muscles and gives some mind balance.

After yoga, I went to the swimming pool again. Was cold to get in water 😀 After swimming 125m I relaxed a bit in a bubble bath and then repeated 125m again.

Before leaving the gym, I enjoyed sauna for 20minutes. It’s super nice feeling, cause all the pores opens, the skin feels soft as silk. I also like to apply some body cream or oils in sauna, so the scent will go much deeper into your skin and will smell amazing ❤️

 Here is my set, which I had today. Some argan oil for my hair, as you know after the swimming pool they become rough, and it doesn’t look nice, so it’s a must have.

Some face cream from Clinique and most importantly girls, if you know this Russian cream Vecher, buy it!! It is amazing, very cheap but it makes miracles on a face. I will do a separate review about it.

When I came home and had some lunch/dinner. It’s baked tortilla with meat and salads. My boyfriend loved it. Super easy to do it and delicious.

In the evening, I cheated a bit… Yes, I know it’s not good, but I had a bit of chip. It’s just because we saw a new brand in a store and decided to try. That is why I ate pineapple afterwards, as it is one of the products which is killing fats 😃

So here was my day! Tomorrow I’m planning some jogging in a park and wardrobe cleaning. So my gym will be in a park and at home.

And most importantly- the second day of not smoking and I don’t even want. So happy about it 😍

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow. If you missed my part 1, you could read it Here.

Yours, Enrika ❤️


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