March diary: Day 1. What is most difficult in the beginning? 

I woke up super motivated, don’t know if it’s after the evening swimming, or just because of my minds, but I wanted to run and start my day with fresh minds and body.

I didn’t manage to have a proper breakfast ( usually, I never eat it, but it’s one of my March goals as well) only a samll glass of yoghurt with chia seeds. When I took my things, my bike and cycled to the gym.


I already forgot that to cycle in a morning is so awesome! You see how the city is waking up, a lot of people with their morning coffee are in a hurry and me with a music cycling in a small street 🙂

My first workout was so powerful and kickass! 😀 It’s aerobics but mostly focused on your abs and back. We needed to use different kind of weights, yoga mat and water!

I would say, in a very beginning, most challenging for me, not physically but mentally is that all these tight clothes are showing my curves. I mean, I’m not complexing a lot about it, but when you see all those skinny girls around you… You know what i’m saying, right?

I hope I will manage to walk tomorrow, as it was pretty hard! 😀 After the workout, I went to the swimming pool. It was soo good to swim and relax in the acold water. I was swimming for around 40 minutes, when enjoyed bubble bath for 10minutes and the last was the sauna for 20minutes.

So you can imagine how relaxed I was when I came home 😀 And hungry!!


 I had a bit of chicken file, fresh beans and a piece of bread with butter. It was super tasty.  I’m always getting so hungry after workouts, that it feels like I could eat an elephant 😀

After that, I was feeling like taking a nap and watching a movie. I had a bit of a a headache. Don’t know if it’s because of the workout or swimming, but I needed to take some pain killers and sleep for an hour.


 For my dinner, I wanted something light. So I made some oatmeal porridge, where I added a bit of frozen blueberries, raspberries and chia seeds. When I was making it, I boiled milk and added some cinnamon before pouring the oatmeal.
So here was my day! To conclude: I haven’t smoked ( which is amazing!!), haven’t drunk coffee, had some magnificent quality time for myself- especially in a swimming pool and sauna. My skin felt so soft and moisturized, body relaxed and most importantly very light!

Keep following my blog for day 2, I can tell you, that it will be Yoga day ❤️

Thank you for reading!

Yours, Enrika

6 thoughts on “March diary: Day 1. What is most difficult in the beginning? 

  1. Good job! I recently started working out too (I will be writing a little bit about it on tomorrow’s post) but it is so difficult for me. I am badly out of shape!!! Also, I am getting so hungry! Eating lots of oatmeal and fresh fruits.

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