Oscars! Best dressed

Today I will talk about the Oscars! First of all, congratulations Leonardo Di Caprio!! Finally you have the oscar, definitely deserve and it was your time.

Let’s head to my favorite outfits! Already now I can say, that house of Dior made a magnificent job!! I’m in love with all the dresses! 

Here’s my list from Dior Couture:


Jennifer Lawrence


Look at this beauty!! Jennifer Lawrence rocked the red carpet in this black lace couture dress.


Charlize Theron

Elegant, chic and sexy. This Dior grown is just perfect for the red carpet. Accessorized with a perfectly-placed diamond pendant.  You look fabulous Charlize!

Let’s go to my next favorite dress from Giorgio Armani Privé. Do you know already what I am talking about?


Cate Blanchett

Of course it’s a seafon green cap-sleeve mermaid grown, embellished with clusters of Swarovski crystals and white feathers. It’s simply perfect… ❤️

Last but not least is of course ournominee Leonardo Di Caprio with Kate Winslet.


Leonardo Di Caprio with Kate Winslet

Simple, elegant and black. Happiness in their faces. Leonardo silk gown is from Ralph Lauren collection. And Kate is wearing custom Ralph Lauren collection liquid black silk lamé strapless gown.
Definitely, a lot of celebrities looked fabulous in their styles, but these are my favorites ❤️

Yours, Enrika


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