March goals: different lifestyle and everyday diary 

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! One step is closer to summer 🙂  youppyy!

As tomorrow is a new start in a calendar, it will be a new start in my life as well. I made for myself some kind of goals list which I will really try to follow.

The last weeks, I’m not feeling comfortable in my body anymore. You know what I mean?

That’s why I have signed for many workouts in a gym, will also start running in a park next to the home, start cycling (c’mon, I live in a country where everybody- EVERYBODY is cycling, but I have a monthly ticket of busses and metro! Shame on me.) and I really hope that I will smoke less ( I know that I can’t stop completely, cause I’m enjoying it too much) and I also want to lower the amount of meat I eat.

Will see how it works, but I will update you on my Instagram profile: worldbyenrika. Follow me and see how I do my workouts, what do I eat and the results I’m gaining. I will do a small diary for myself and you, of course, every day here, will share recipes and my muscle pain with you 🙂

By the way, you know what? If you wanna change something- do it now! Don’t wait for tomorrow, start from this minute. That’s what I did tonight. I was already preparing to stay at home for the cozy evening with my boyfriend, but you know what? I went to the swimming pool for water aerobics workout and did my best. I worked so hard that can go to sleep with the smile on my face! 🙂

  Have a look at this picture it really inspires me:

I want to be healthy, be fit and comfortable in my body. It’s not all about loosing weight, but it’s about feeling good, fresh and healthy!

Stay tuned for my everyday diary and see more on instagram!

Yours, Enrika ❤️


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