Oh you Sunday!

Lovely Sunday is here! For me is the day, when you don’t want to do anything important. Just relax, stay with your loved ones, in general just to have a cozy time.. When you are making lunch/dinner at the same time watching a movie or listening music, taking pictures and etc.

In general, this weekend was one of the best. My boyfriend made it perfect ❤ Want to share some pictures from my TOP 5 favorite places in Copenhagen. It’s called  Torvehalerne – food, flowers market with some local groceries and cafes. We went there to buy some fresh vegetables and fungus mushroom for the soup. Will share the recipe with you in a separate post, cause it tasted heavenly!  



So let’s go to the market! I kept my outfit super simple! No makeup, just organic moisturizing face serum and cream and a bit of lipgloss. Sneakers, jeans and a baseball cap from Louis Vuitton. Okay, I added some “spices” for the outfit, simply can’t do it differently! 🙂 Fox fur scarf and my lovely Chanel boy.




In this market, I can spend all my money and time. Gorgeous colors, fresh pieces of fruits and vegetables. It is already kind of our ritual to go here on Sunday’s.






And look at the flowers. Imagine decorating your home with the smell, freshness, and colors. Pure beauty.







More pictures for you! ❤


Look at this pure cotton! When I realize how hard and hurtful is to work in cotton fields I feel sad. But to put one piece in a vase is so pretty!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well, feeling fresh and ready to concur the upcoming week and finally the spring is here already. Hello, March! ❤

psst.. You can see my new food favorites on Instagram as well!

Have a look at my second post for the soup recipe here!

Yours, Enrika





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